Hardship: Students Call For Action On Unpaid Stipends

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The Union of Nigerian Students under the Federal Government’s Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Scholarship in Russia, Morocco, Algeria, China, Hungary and a few others, has appealed to the Nigerian government to address the pressing issue of unpaid stipends, causing severe hardship among students.
For the past six to eight months, scholars enrolled in various institutions abroad have endured financial strain due to the delay in receiving their stipends.
A statement issued by the spokesman of the Coalition of All the Nigerian Bilateral Education Agreement Student Association, Ayuba Anas Yushau, said from the last payments “we received (March-August), there was a shortfall of practically two and a half months’ payment. Moreover, some students in China have not received any stipends since they arrived in April and May 2023.
“This delay has led to dire consequences, especially for those residing in countries like Morocco, where the country doesn’t have adequate provisions for school hostels, unlike the other sister BEA countries. This means that stipends are crucial for covering basic expenses such as housing, electricity bills, handouts, internet bills, water bills, transportation, and food. Regrettably, some students have faced eviction as they struggled to meet rent payments, while others have tragically fallen ill due to hunger, requiring urgent medical attention. These hardships persist amidst the ongoing delay in stipend disbursement,” he said.
According to the statement, students in Russia are grappling with the harsh reality of an increased cost of living, exacerbated by the prolonged delay in stipend disbursement.
“Forced to navigate financial hardships amidst the pressures of academic stress, many students have been pushed to the breaking point which is diverting their focus from their primary goal of academic excellence.



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