Zamfara Gov’t Concludes Third Phase Of Free Medical Outreach, Treats 2,213 Persons

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Zamfara State Government concluded the third phase of its free modified outreach program, treating 2,213 individuals.

The Special Modified Medical Outreach Program began in July last year, providing free medical services to individuals with cataract extraction, groin swellings such as hernias and hydroceles, vesicovaginal fistula repairs, and health education.

A statement by the Spokesperson of the Zamfara Governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, disclosed that 2,213 persons were treated during the free outreach’s first, second and third phases.

According to him, the third phase of the free outreach lasted between the 23rd and 25th of February 2024.

The statement said: “Governor Lawal’s administration launched a free modified medical outreach program to provide medical assistance to vulnerable individuals in need. The program offers free medical treatment for people suffering from common surgical conditions such as cataracts, hernias, hydroceles, and vesicovaginal fistula repairs.

“Besides medical assistance, the program educates citizens about the importance of maintaining good health and wellness. This initiative is a positive step towards improving the overall health and well-being of the community.

“The Outreach program has so far treated 2,213 persons using tele-screening to provide specialist care to patients from rural and semi-urban areas, covering the 14 local government areas of the State. This approach has enabled patients in remote locations to receive the medical attention they need from qualified professionals.

“The three phases have so far operated cases include 876 Groin Swellings & Lumps/Special, 931 Cataract Extraction/ others, and 84 Vesico – vaginal/rectal fistula (VVF).

“The dedicated centres for the outreach are General Hospital Gusau, King Fahad General Hospital, Yariman Bakura Specialist Hospital, and all special cases would be referred to the Federal Medical Centre in Gusau.”



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