Woman Detained In Kano For Allegedly Stealing Newborn

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A disturbing incident unfolded on Thursday in Dawakin Dakata, Nasarawa Local Government Area, Kano State exposing an alleged child trafficking operation that sent shockwaves through social media as residents raised the alarm over a woman captured with a baby in a sack.
Eyewitnesses disclosed that the woman, known as “Anty,” has been a familiar face in the area, making nocturnal visits in a black Hilux with tinted windows.
Residents grew suspicious after observing her routine. Whenever she visits, a mysterious sack is placed inside her vehicle by a man identified simply as “Doctor Dominic.”
Baban Gida, a resident, stated, “We have been noticing; the woman never steps out of the car. She will only park, and the doctor will place a heavy sack inside the car before she quickly takes off.”
This time, the situation took a different turn as vigilant youths surrounded Anty, unveiling the shocking contents of the sack—a baby.
The video circulating on social media captured the woman pleading for mercy, surrounded by angry youths who threatened to take matters into their own hands. However, the intervention of community elders prevented further escalation.
The youths revealed long-standing suspicions about Doctor Dominic, alleging that he is not a licensed medical practitioner. They claim that Dominic engages in nefarious activities, including seeing patients and conducting illegal abortions.
Aminu Bashir Dakata, the secretary of the Police Community Relations Committee, Dakata division, shed light on Anty’s past, stating that she had previously faced accusations of selling babies in 2018. Despite legal proceedings at the time, she continued to roam the streets.
Anty is currently in custody at the police headquarters, pending further investigations.
There has been a spike in the prevalence of child stealing in the state. Recall that in December 2023, Kano State police had announced the dismantling of a child-stealing syndicate, rescuing seven children.


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