We Are Satisfied With The Cooperation From Drug Sellers In Dangwauro Market On Relocation — Husaini Labaran Zakari

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The Chairman of the Kanawa pharmaceutical partners in Dangwauro Market, Alhaji Hussain Labaran Zakari, said the success of settling the drug dealers in Dangwauro is for entire people’s of Kano state.

He explained this while Speaking to journalists in Kano adding that if there are 1000 medicine sellers in Kano, the people who use it are more than 10,000,000 there is need for prevention steps to be taken in controlling the business activities.

He said the action taken of establishing the drugs market will help in tackling the problem of selling fake drugs and illicit one that drive teaming youths in committing crime in society and will help peoples and authorities who are trying to prevent crimes rate.

Alhaji Husaini labaran zakari said that no one has been denied the right to own a medicine stall in Dangwauro. Everyone has been given guide line on how to own shop but when some people, were told to come and buy or get rented at that time they didn’t come.

He said that the process of building and returning drugs sellers to the Dangwauro market began six years ago.As the leaders of the Kanawa market they have no intention to harm any body by supporting the provision of the medicine market It is the federal government policy they have been only invited to assist to put the drugs sellers to good atmosphere in rendering their business in the market.

He shows that in the past when they were inside Sabongari market, they were told to come out from the Market , those who came out at that time there business grown to the good development at the new place they located to. but when the new policy on selling drugs came into law they were told to relocate to Dangwauro Market and they support the new development because it would be success to the people of Kano state by preventing them from bad drugs pusher and improves the businesses of good ones in drugs business.

Alhaji Hussain Labaran Zakari explained that the market was started with few people who relocated but now people are always trooping coming to buy shops or rent it and medicine retailers are coming in to buy drugs from within and outside the state.

Hussain Labaran Zakarin thanked has the past and present Governments in the state who have contributed to their success, especially the health commissioner Dr. labaran Yusuf for his showing his concern about how to improve people’s lives.He commended the support of agencies such as NAFDAC, NDLEA and PSN and many others that helps to ensure the system of selling good medicines in a separate place with full security has been realized in Kano.


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