Northern Christian Leaders Rally For Sheikh Daurawa’s Reinstatement As Kano Hisbah CG

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By Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

In a unique display of unity, Christian clergies in Northern Nigeria have joined hands with their Muslim counterparts worldwide to advocate for the reinstatement of Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa as the head of the Hisbah Board in Kano.

Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru, a highly respected Christian cleric and the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry in Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria, has voiced his support for the movement calling for Sheikh Aminu Daurawa’s return to his leadership role in Kano.

Pastor Buru stated, “As Christians, we stand behind your efforts to shield children from adopting harmful cultural practices on social media. It is imperative to monitor the activities of the youth to prevent them from embracing behaviors that contradict our religious and cultural values.”

Pastor Buru highlighted the commendable work being done by Sheikh Aminu Daurawa in Kano State, particularly in protecting children from immoral influences on social media.

In a press release issued on Monday, he urged the people of Kano and the state government to collaborate in supporting the Hisbah Board’s mission to eradicate behaviors and teachings that conflict with religious, cultural, and ethical norms.

“We, as Christians, earnestly appeal to Sheikh Aminu Daurawa to resume his position as the Commandant-General of Kano State Hisbah Board,” Pastor Buru declared.

He also called upon the federal government to establish a regulatory body capable of monitoring and controlling social media to combat the spread of fake news and immorality in society.

Recent reports suggest that the Kano State government is taking proactive steps to bring back the resigned Commandant-General of the State Hisbah Board, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa. A delegation of esteemed Islamic clerics, known as the state Council of Ulama, has been dispatched to engage with Sheikh Daurawa and address the concerns.

Additionally, Pastor George John has added his voice to the plea, joining forces with both Muslims and Christians in urging Sheikh Aminu Daurawa to return to his esteemed role as the Commandant-General of Kano Hisbah Board.

“The man is making significant contributions in safeguarding the youth generation from foreign and unfamiliar cultures, particularly on social media,” Pastor John emphasized.

Similarly Alaramma Abdulrahman mohammed Bichi of kano state called on All islamic scholars to joined hands toward appealling to Sheikh Daurawas returned as Hisbah boss to make Kano great

While calling on Jama’atul nasrul islam jni ,and council of Ulamas ,traditional titled holders to joined hands in bring back Sheikh Daurawa to hisbah board


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