Tinubu Applauds Progress, Pushes For Final Resolution Of Security Challenges

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President Bola Tinubu has urged the nation’s security chiefs to ensure a definitive victory against the various security threats facing the country.
He articulated this directive while addressing the security chiefs and heads of intelligence agencies during a Presidential Security Briefing held at the State House in Abuja on Friday.
Acknowledging the strides made in eliminating certain security threats across different theatres, President Tinubu stressed the necessity of achieving a conclusive resolution to the multifaceted challenges for ultimate success.
“We are currently directing significant investments in soft and physical infrastructure, social security, MSME empowerment, and other growth catalysts. Our pursuit of a $1 trillion economy in the next few years will be hampered if we don’t decisively confront those hindering progress. Stay encouraged.”
“While acknowledging the progress our men and women in uniform have made, recent avoidable errors, as observed in Kaduna, are unacceptable and should not be repeated,” he stressed.
Expressing satisfaction with the improved coordination among security agencies in recent months, Tinubu highlighted the need to maintain this momentum until all security challenges are resolved.
“The armed forces must achieve the objective of ensuring the country attains a sustainable production level of two million barrels of crude oil per day, including condensates, by the first quarter of 2024,” he further stated.
“I rely on credible intelligence reports and expect optimal performance. All adversarial elements will face severe consequences. The Navy and other branches must intensify efforts to attain our objectives for the benefit of Nigerians. We will not relent until we root out all disruptive actors.”
“The Commander of the Presidential Air Fleet (PAF), the Commander of the Brigade of Guards (BoG), and the Chief Personal Security Officer (CPSO) have exhibited unwavering dedication. I appreciate their commitment,” he added.
President Tinubu decorated his security aides – PAF Commander Air Commodore Olayinka Olusola Oyesola promoted to Air Vice Marshal; Commander of BoG Adebisi Olusegun Onasanya, promoted to Brigadier-General; and Police CPSO Usman Musa Shugaba, now a Deputy Commissioner of Police – during the State House event.
Recognizing their dedication, Tinubu reiterated the importance of serving the country selflessly and applauded their leadership roles.
The newly promoted officers were decorated by the President, assisted by senior military figures and witnessed by dignitaries, emphasising their service to the nation. Air Vice Marshal Olayinka expressed gratitude for the promotion and reaffirmed their commitment to their duties. (NAN)




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