Salary Harmonisation: Wages Commission’s Ex Boss Advocates Job Evaluation

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Mr Richard Egbule, the immediate past Executive Chairman of National Income, Salaries and Wages Commission (NISWC), has called for job evaluation for proper harmonisation of salaries in the civil service.

Egbule gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), after a reception held in his honour by the commission in Abuja, on Thursday.

He explained that any salary harmonisation in the public service without first conducting a comprehensive review of the grading system or job evaluation would not work.

He said evaluating jobs towards ensuring a proper and appropriate harmonisation was necessary.

“Doing a job evaluation is important so that you can compare ‘apple with apple, not apple with orange’.

“This means that wherever you are working, what you are paid should be equivalent to what another person doing the same job elsewhere is paid.

“That is the principle of equal pay for worth of substantial equal value, and you cannot achieve that without job evaluation.

“When they talk about harmonisation, people are only looking at figure without knowing the peculiarities of jobs,’’ he said.

Egbule noted that the last time job evaluation was conducted in the country was between 1972 and 1974 which was more than 40 years, stressing the need for another job evaluation.


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