Bolivia to Restore Relations With Israel After a Decade

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Bolivia’s interim government wants to reinstate diplomatic relations with Israel after they were cut off around ten years ago.

A normal relationship could have positive effects for both countries, said Bolivia’s interim foreign minister Karen Longaric in comments carried by local newspaper La Razon on Thursday.

In 2009, then-president Evo Morales broke off ties to Israel due to the country’s military action in the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz said he welcomed the decision.

“This will contribute to the strengthening of the State of Israel’s foreign relations and its standing in the world,” he said in a statement published online.

“The departure of President Morales, who was hostile to Israel, and his replacement by a government friendly to Israel, allows the fruition of the process,” he added.

Morales recently resigned and went into exile in Mexico after an accusation of alleged fraud in elections held in October.

The development led to weeks of protests and rioting in the country.

The interim government in Bolivia has announced new elections, for which Morales has been deemed ineligible.

Led by self-appointed president Jeanine Anez, the interim leadership has made moves to reposition Bolivia internationally.

Earlier in the week, they appointed the country’s first ambassador to the U.S. in 11 years.


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