Reunion Of Former Pupils Of Primary School Help To Remember The Past And Emphasises Friendship—Bashir Bello

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano
The reunion of former pupils is described as something that remembers the past and emphasizes friendship.
Alhaji Bashir Bello,the bursar of College of Health Science and Technology (School of Hygiene) stated this while speaking to the journalist at the 63-year anniversary of Rimi City Primary School organised by former pupils of the school .
He said that in this kind of the reunion gathering they met those who have not seen for a long period of time, some even since they finished the school, they met and strengthened their relationship and they are ready to give help in everything that has arisen and contribute equally to the development of the school.
Alhaji Bashir Bello said that they have met many different peoples and each one has his position that God has placed him after completing the school Every time you wake up, you look at your position and that of the country. .
Alhaji Bashir Bello called on the former pupils to contribute more as much as they can to the continues development and success of the school.
He said that the effect of the reunion for them is the way they meet each other, you can know someone you can be in the same working place or living in same place but you don’t know you have undergone the same primary school and now you met with him in the old pupils of the school meeting this will built more stronger relationship amongs you.
Bashir Bello said that he was admitted to Rimi city primary school in 1976 and finished in 1984.
Alhaji Bashir Bello appealed to children of the future generation to knows and understand the value of seeking education, and know that it is backborne of any achievement so there is need for them to give more concerns and dedication in seeking knowledge..


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