Reforesting Zaria Initiative To Plant 6,430 Trees

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By Bello Hamza, Abuja
The Reforesting Zaria Initiative (RZI) a Zaria based non-governmental organization has again embarked on the process of reforestation by planting 6,430 trees in the Zaria sub urban areas of Kaduna State.
This year’s tree planting is to be planted from house to house among others. The Trees to be planted include economic trees, fruits and some endangered species. For instance, we have mahogany, mango among many other trees.
Speaking with LEADERSHIP, Secretary to the Reforesting Zaria Initiative, Abdullahi Mohammed said that this year’s tree planting is different from last year’s. “This year we have a series of meetings with district heads and the representatives of the Zazzau Emirates councils.
He said, “In our effort for tree planting this year, we felt it necessary to carry along the traditional rulers, who are the closest authority to the people. We felt that they are still relevant in the scheme of things. You know, whatever they tell their subject there is some level of compliance.
“We bring out some modality in which we will have district heads and their subjects. So we are intending to have a situation where trees will be planted in people’s houses where by they can be maintained unlike last year, where trees were planted on the trenches of the roads where there was no any ownership and were being destroyed by animals.
“The importance of trees ranges from this afforestation which stopped forest easy encroachment that is fast eating up the savanna and even the rain forest is now depleted due to charcoal production. Also, global warming which has to do with carbon emissions is another problem. So, what we will do as human beings is to plant more trees. When we plant more trees, we will be able to at least lower the carbon dioxide and that will also lower the temperature.
“So, what we need to do as human beings is to continue to plant trees which will improve air quality that we take and lower the carbon dioxide within the atmosphere.”
He also calls on the government to also key into the program, adding that trees remain the only option for human use.
In his responses on behalf of the traditional rulers, the Jarman Zazzau, Hakimin Waje, Alhaji Nuhu Aminu Bamalli, promise to give the tree planting campaign all the cooperations it deserves.


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