Persons With Disabilities Demand Agency To Implement Disability Act

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The Abuja Association of the Deaf (AAD) has urged the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike to establish an agency to implement the disability act and other government policies on Persons Living With Disabilities (PWDs) in the territory.
A statement by the Chairman of AAD, Ayoade Beyioku-Alase, said despite the efforts of the government to ease the suffering of Nigerians through various interventions, PWDs in the FCT have been abandoned and left behind in the scheme of things, adding that the development has created barriers that hinder their full and equal participation in the society.
“We emphasise the necessity of prioritising the domestication of the Disability Act and the establishment of the FCT Agency for Persons with Disabilities to effectively address the needs and rights of persons with disabilities in Abuja.
“It is imperative to note that the palliative initiative support announced by the FCT Minister has not been distributed to Persons with Disabilities, especially the Deaf community and none of us benefitted from monthly transfers to eligible vulnerable individuals and families, access to free health care service, provision of food and other essential items and support for education and skill development.”
He explained that to address these challenges and create an inclusive environment for the Deaf in particular and persons with disabilities in FCT, as a whole, we call upon the FCT Minister and FCT Minister of State, Mariya Mahmoud Bunkure to prioritise the domestication of the Disability Act with an Agency for Persons with Disabilities in FCT to serve as a dedicated agency responsible for addressing the needs of persons with disabilities, including the Deaf community.”
He stated that its mandate would include providing support services, advocating for inclusive policies and ensuring the accessibility of public spaces, education, and employment opportunities.
“By aligning with National Commission of Persons with Disabilities policies with the principles and provisions of the Disability Act, we can ensure that persons with disabilities have equal access to rights, opportunities, and services.”


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