Kwamoti La’ori MURUM BONDO Mbula And 26 Others Have Been Appointed

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By Shafi’u Saleh
Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri (Nkandan Mbula), congratulated the people of the Mbula , chiefdom, who appointed traditional titles, where he urged them to use the opportunity to bring peace in the chiefdom and Adamawa state.
The ceremony which took place at Boiman Square in Borrong Demsa local government area in Adamawa state on Saturday.
The governor who was represented by the Chief of Staff Dr Amos Edga, said that the Mbula chiefdom is very important for the development and stability of the state, therefore he said that peace in the chiefdom is like the state having peace.
Also speaking, His Majesty of Mbula Murum Bwaltam Bently Biyapo Mboiman II, said that the royal council chose the people it appointed to the positions based on merit, with the aim of achieving progress, especially the kind of peace that governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has created in the state.
He continued that “we chose to give you positions based on your merit, there is no question of religion, tribe or sectional, we hope you will use your skills to bring us progress and maintain peace in Mbula chiefdom” he said.
Also in his welcoming address, the chairman of Demsa LG Wenekam Wesley Fwa, thanked God for showing the date of the event and thanked those who organized for doing the right work.
In his speech on behalf of those who were given the titles, Mr Boniface Zebulon (Lasa Mbula), thanked His royal Majesty the King of Mbula for the appointment, saying that they will be good ambassadors and protect the dignity of the kingdom at all times.
Following the appointment, Hon Kwamoti La’ori as Murum-Bundo, Mbula, led a dinner party immediately after the coronation ceremony, to show gratitude to God for the appointment of the position that the king gave him.
Honorable Kwamoti La’ori, who is the Member of reprs representing Numan/Demsa/Lamurde federal constituency, told the gathering of people who gathered to congratulate him that “the position of Murum Budon is a position that does not exist”. should be given to anyone but a warrior” so he deserves to have this position.
Kwamoti La’ori also asked the people of the chiefdom to cooperate and maintain peace, and told him to inform him of the work he will do to bring progress in the chiefdom.
Hon Kate Mamuno (Nkwarin Kusau Mbula), member representing Demsa in the State House of Assembly, thanked Mbrum for the appointment and asked the women to continue to be patient and give support to achieve success.
Some of those appointed to traditional titles include Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri Nkandan Mbula, Senator Aminu Iya Abbas Gbata Mbula, Speaker of the State House of Assembly Hon Bathiya Wesley Kada Mbula.
Then Adamu Atiku Abubakar Ndakade Mbula and Professor Jeffrey Barminas Tsware Doabong Mbula, Hon Wenakam Wesley Fwa Giri Jalli Mbula, Major General Obi Ethan Tahau (rtd) Kasala Mbula, Hon Aloysius Babadoke Buma’limala Mbula, and many others.
In addition to horse riders, traditional dance performances from the tribes of the chiefdom were also held.


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