International Leprocy Day; Kano State To Sensitising People On Symptoms Of The Disease — Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

People have been called upon to know that leprosy still exists in countries around the world, Africa, Nigeria and Kano State.

Kano State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf stated this during this year’s International Leprosy Day event held at the Yadakunya Leprosy and General Hospital Bela on Wednesday.

He said that 174,000 people have contracted the disease in the world, 21,935 of them are Africans, of which 2,393 are Nigerians and 333 are from Kano State.

Adding that peoples should know that the disease is recognized from the peeling of the skin and the rash and the lack of pain in the skin when touched.

Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf said that the Kano State Government is sensitizing the community about the disease and those with symptoms should go to the hospital to treat the disease and other diseases at Yadakunya hospital.

He said that from the inception of Governor Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf has visited Yadakunya Leprosy Hospital in Bela and order the general renovation of the hospital and repaired and provide portable water and lights for the security of the hospital and provided free medicine and food to the patients in the hospital.

Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf thanked all the agencies that work together with the government to help in improving the health of the community.


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