Insecurity In North May Lead To Anarchy, Warns VP

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Vice President Kashim Shettima issued a stark warning on Thursday, stating that the relentless attacks and insecurity plaguing northern Nigeria could spiral into anarchy. He urged citizens to resist the temptation to sow discord and plunge the country into chaos.
Speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the 5-kilometre Masaka-Luvu road in Nasarawa State, Shettima stressed the devastating consequences of unchecked violence.
“It is easy to create unrest,” he cautioned, “but extremely difficult to restore peace once mayhem takes hold. We must prioritise actions that foster unity and harmony, not those that lead to anarchy.”
Shettima stressed the futility of internal conflict, saying, “There is no reason why we should be fighting each other. We should collectively stand against poverty, destitution, and backwardness, not engage in self-destructive strife.”
The VP commended Nasarawa State Governor Abdullahi Sule, for his dedication to infrastructure development, citing the Masaka-Luvu road as a prime example. The project, aimed at easing transportation woes and unlocking new economic opportunities, aligns with the Vice President’s call for collaborative efforts towards progress.
“The contract for this road was awarded in January 2023 with a completion period of 12 months. Before now, coming to this part of the state was not an easy task because of the bad nature of the road. But I am happy that today, the road has been well constructed.
“I want to commend the contractor for delivering the project according to specifications, and I believe that this road will be here for at least the next 15 years,” Sule said.



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