China To Enhance Sales Of Export Enterprises

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China would support export firms selling products in the domestic market by easing market access and expanding sales channels.

It will also be done through strengthening financial assistance to help them through difficulties and stabilise foreign trade.

This year, the country would offer domestic market access to products originally made for export only if they met certain technical standards.

The government would also simplify the procedures for compulsory certification of the relevant products, according to a guideline released by the State Council.

It said that firms would be encouraged to make products for export and domestic sales on the same production line, standards and quality to reduce production costs and facilitate trade transformation.

The guideline said that the domestic sales platforms would be established for the firms by setting up export product zones at online shopping festivals and organizing promotions at major shopping streets.

It would facilitate direct purchases by big commercial firms in the country as well as attract domestic buyers at major trade fairs.

The guideline added that efforts would be made to connect export firms with the country’s new infrastructure and new urbanisation initiatives, as well as major projects.

It said this would assist companies in enhancing collaborative innovations in the industrial chain, adjust industrial structure and accelerate technological upgrades.

The guideline emphasised measures to help firms develop marketable domestic products, create their own brands, make full use of new business modes, embrace the integration of online and offline development to meet the demand of consumption upgrades in the country.

To step up financial assistance to export firms, financial institutions were encouraged to improve supply chain financing services and strengthen operational credit support for the firms.


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