Zulum Advocates Restructuring Of Varsities In Nigeria

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Borno State Governor Babagana Umar Zulum has advocated for restructuring of the country’s universities system to become centres of production of ideas and solutions that can attract industrial-scale investments.
The governor while speaking on the topic titled: “Leadership, Citizenship and Meeting Contemporary Social Challenges in Nigeria” on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the University of Ibadan yesterday, stated that universities need to do more in the area of research and linking research to industries that could translate ideas into solutions that can be sold within and outside the shores of the nation.
According to him, in the face of dwindling resources and mounting debts, alternative sources of income to fund our universities must be explored, adding, “Paying appropriate fees is one element of many other great ideas to help our academic system.
He said, “We must as a nation rise above narrow perceptions of issues and understand that there are broader contexts that we cannot simply shy away from.
“Well educated population would make informed choices that strengthen the possibility of moving our country from potential to actualisation of its true worth in the League of Nations.
“But there will still be gaps because there are other sectors with growing demands and needs as well in health, water resources, food security and so on.
“The truth remains that poorly funded academic institutions will produce poorly educated and ill-equipped graduates that are less than fit for purpose. I talk about education as I strongly believe it is the basis for nation-building.’’
Zulum said the country must be prepared to consider other alternatives to fund university education properly, saying, ‘’That is why fees are being introduced gradually. And the fees will have to go up at some point.”
For the University of Ibadan in particular, he said “As we mark its 75th Anniversary, our hope is that someday, aspects of its academic excellence can be and will be quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and all Nigerians can be stakeholders in our collective dream.’


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