Zamfara Governor Presides Over Executive Council Meeting, Pledges Full Implementation Of 2024 Rescue Budget 

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Governor Dauda Lawal pledged a full implementation of his administration’s 2024 rescue budget.

On Monday, the governor presided over the Zamfara State Executive Meeting at the Council Chambers, Government House in Gusau.

A statement by the governor’s spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, disclosed that the council discussed essential matters, including the 2024 budget.

According to him, Governor Lawal set the tone for his administration’s programmes and activities for 2024.

Addressing the council, Governor Lawal reiterated the strategies for implementing the programs outlined in the ‘2024 Rescue Budget’. “As we look back, it is crucial to appreciate the contributions and cooperation that have led to the significant achievements of this administration despite the serious economic and social challenges.

“On a positive note, our collective efforts have set a new agenda for governance in the State. In the last seven months, the narrative about Zamfara State has significantly changed for the better and is moving forward in all areas of development.

“When we assumed office on May 29th, 2023, we identified and prioritised key issues affecting the socioeconomic well-being of our people. We focused on restructuring the government’s framework and embarking on governance reform, which are essential in achieving our goals. This was complemented by a series of policy initiatives aligned with our administration’s priorities.

“In this fiscal year, we must not only sustain the momentum but also work harder to meet the targets of the 2024 budget. We will focus on consolidating our gains and addressing the existing gaps, particularly in security, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic growth.

“As we begin the implementation of the 2024 budget, I expect to receive reports on the performance of MDAs periodically. A performance delivery unit under the Office of the Governor will soon come on board to assess the performance of all appointees.”

The governor further emphasised that his government has rolled out programs and policies stated in the 2024 Rescue Budget. “Let us remember that our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for every inhabitant of Zamfara State. This requires a collaborative and transparent approach, where every council member plays a pivotal role.


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