Zamfara Governor Distributes Agricultural Assets To Farmers In Tsafe LGA

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Governor Dauda Lawal has extended the distribution of agricultural assets and vital farm inputs to Zamfara farmers in the Tsafe local government area.

The distribution ceremony was held on Monday at the Tsafe Local Government Secretariat as part of the ongoing COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus distribution program sponsored by FADAMA III.

A statement by the spokesperson of the Governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, revealed that the Zamfara state government has made provisions in the 2024 budget to rehabilitate nine Earth Dams in Tsafe local government area.

According to him, while leading the distribution of agricultural assets, Governor Lawal reiterated his commitment to providing employment opportunities for over 40,000 farmers in the local government.

During his speech, the governor emphasised that the Yanwaren Daji Dam would be crucial in feeding over 2 million people yearly. “The dam’s well-planned drainage system will ensure that clean water is available to the entire Tsafe Local Government Area.

“Agriculture, which accounts for over 70% of our GDP, remains the backbone of our economy. In recognition of this, our program is poised to empower 100,000 farmers across the 14 Local Government Areas with essential farming equipment and seeds over the coming four years.

“Tsafe Local Government Area is legendary for farming and its massive contribution to the GDP of Zamfara State. With the flag-off of this program in this Local Government Area today, we are bringing tremendous opportunities for the farming communities in this industrious Local Government Area. I am confident that this program will go a long way to boosting our farmers’ productivity, thereby alleviating rural poverty and its associated challenges.

“Building on this momentum, we plan to introduce similar intervention projects, such as the integrated entrepreneurship program in Magazu Town. This program will encompass various agro-allied projects, including fisheries, poultry, and livestock fattening. Additionally, it will provide training and starter packs to small-scale businesses in multiple sectors, contributing significantly to our economic diversification efforts.

“Moreover, the project will help combat malaria through innovative methods like rearing tilapia fish while generating substantial income for the beneficiaries through various interventions.”


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