Yuletide 2023: Muslim Woman Spreads Christmas Cheer To Pastors, Widows, And IDPs, Promoting Peace And Unity

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Amidst the challenges of high inflation and rising food prices across the country, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, a Muslim woman, has once again demonstrated the spirit of giving by distributing Christmas trees, new wrappers, and cash gifts to Christian widows and pastors in Kaduna as part of this year’s Christmas celebration.

Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani ,who is equally an international interfaith specialist highlighted that during Ramadan, Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru, the general overseer of the church, usually shared 50 bags of foodstuffs with many poor Muslims at the mosque, enabling them to participate fully in the 30 days of the holy month.

Her initiative aims to support over 200 widows, and IDPs and orphance home during this christmas which is aim at fostering peaceful coexistence, love, and tolerance among people of different faiths.

Tijjani expressed her desire to bring joy and happiness to widows, allowing them to celebrate the season with the same spirit as Christians worldwide.

The generous donations were made at the Church of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry in Gwagwi Villa, Kaduna, emphasizing Tijjani’s passion for impacting the lives of underprivileged widows who have faced pain and discrimination.

She equally shared christmas trees for the pastors and other top christian leaders in the church

For the past decade, Tijjani has consistently donated bags of grains, Christmas trees, new wrappers, and beverages to Christian widows, orphans, and pastors during Christmas and Easter celebrations, with the overarching goal of strengthening Christian-Muslim relationships in the North.

Tijjani said “Christmas provides the Golden opportunity for Muslims to demonstrate to their Christian neighbours that Islam is a faith of peace, love and tolerance.

“I want to see widows, orphans and elderly persons at yuletide season smiling and enjoying themselves like any other Christian family during a festive season like this.”

Her outstanding kindness has earned her the affectionate title of “maman mu” among Christian women, symbolizing the positive relationships she has cultivated in promoting unity between Christians and Muslims in the state and the country at large.

“Annually she shared over 50 christmas trees to pastors across the north and some from southern part of nigeria with other christians friends to promote peace and unity”

“During sallah ,many christians used to send her gift which she shared to the less privileged

Tijjani stressed the commonality among people of different faiths, emphasizing the shared origin of Adam and Eve as our original biological parents. She urged the need to assist widows and orphans, transcending tribal, cultural, regional, and linguistic differences.

This year Christmas season comes amidst challenges such as high food prices, banditry, kidnapping, and terrorism,rising prices of fuel.

Tijjani reaffirmed her commitment to spreading joy by sharing more wrappers and foodstuffs with other churches in Kaduna and neighboring states, contributing to widows’ happiness during the festive season.

In addition to her annual distribution of Christmas trees to pastors and Rev. Fathers for peace promotion across the North, Tijjani has inspired others to emulate her efforts, fostering togetherness, peace, and unity.

Responding to Tijjani’s generosity, Pastor Dr Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of the church, expressed satisfaction with her gesture, calling on wealthy individuals to assist the needy during the Christmas season and beyond.

He acknowledged Tijjani’s annual assistance to the church for the past 10 years back , emphasizing the importance of Christians studying their scriptures to sthrenthens good relationship with other faith base organization..

Pastor Buru, an interfaith specialist and winner of the United Nations World International Interfaith Week and Harmony 2022, encouraged Muslims and Christians to live together in peace and harmony.

He also urged marketers to consider offering Christmas bonuses, aligning with practices in developed countries.


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