World Forestry Day 2024: Experts Unite To Combat Plant Extinction Amid Climate Crisis In Kaduna

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As the world celebrate international day of forestry 21th march 2024,

In a landmark assembly, scientists, horticulturists, and government officials convened to tackle the pressing issue of plant species extinction exacerbated by global warming.

Hosted by Teku Farm in Kaduna, Nigeria, the event marked a crucial collaboration between science journalists, environmentalists, and the Special Advisor to the Kaduna State Governor on Climate Change.

The primary objective was to foster stronger ties among horticulturists, environmental NGOs, and governmental bodies to devise effective strategies combating desertification, deforestation, and environmental degradation.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Comrade Jibril Suleman from the Kaduna Metro Environmental Cleaning and Awareness NGO underscored habitat loss as the foremost threat to species survival.

He emphasized the relentless encroachment of human activities on vital ecosystems, leading to irreversible damage.

Echoing this sentiment, Rabiu Abubakar, CEO of Ozone Layer and Climate Change Initiative, emphasized the critical need for solutions to combat desertification, fueled by unsustainable logging practices and escalating demand for charcoal and firewood.

Abubakar urged collective action, stressing the imperative of reforestation efforts to safeguard endangered plant species and mitigate the adverse effects of carbon emissions. He advocated for greener transportation alternatives and reduced reliance on environmentally harmful industries to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Ibrahim Yakubu, a member of Nigeria’s Science and Environment Journalists, emphasized the pivotal role of government policies in promoting community-based tree planting initiatives and raising awareness about renewable energy adoption.

Addressing dietary habits, Yakubu urged citizens to consider reducing meat consumption to alleviate the environmental strain caused by livestock farming, a significant contributor to methane emissions.

Alhaji Umar Dan Kozo, Chairman of Kaduna State Horticulturists, expressed grave concerns over the imminent loss of native plant species, citing the encroachment of hybrid varieties and urbanization as primary threats. He called for collaborative efforts to safeguard biodiversity and adopt sustainable land management practices.

In response, Honorable Yusuf Idris Amoke, Special Advisor to the Kaduna State Governor on Climate Change, commended the proactive stance of local horticulturists in environmental conservation and job creation. He emphasized the government’s commitment to fostering partnerships and implementing green initiatives to combat climate change.

In his concluding remarks, Alhaji Ibrahim Salisu, Managing Director of Teku International Farm, emphasized the critical role of global warming in driving plant extinction rates. He urged collective action to mitigate human-induced climate change and protect vital plant habitats for future generations.

Expressing gratitude for Honorable Yusuf Amoke’s visit and ongoing support, Salisu reiterated the importance of collaboration between stakeholders and governmental bodies in addressing the climate crisis.

The international gathering underscored the collective resolve to prioritize environmental preservation and chart a sustainable path forward in safeguarding plant biodiversity amid a rapidly changing climate.


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