Women Mediators In Nigeria Foster Peace, Resolving Conflicts To End Gender-Based Violence

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Women Mediators in Nigeria Champion Peace Amidst Challenges, Promote Harmony and Gender Equality

In the face of multiple challenges, including climate change, environmental degradation, ethno-religious crises, banditry, kidnappings, and terrorism plaguing women and children in northern Nigeria, a group of women is making a significant impact by helping communities peacefully resolve conflicts and promote unity in the region.

Hajiya Ambassador Ramatu Tijjani, the national president of the Foundation for the Protection of Women and Children in Nigeria and the leader of Women Mediators for Peace, recently paid a courtesy visit to Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru. The purpose of her visit was to strengthen Christian-Muslim relations in the country, foster interreligious dialogue, and promote peace and harmony in the region.

She emphasized the role of women mediators in resolving conflicts, providing marital counseling, and combating issues like drug abuse and immoral behavior. Additionally, she has trained numerous women in communities as peace mediators, who have successfully addressed thousands of conflicts affecting peace and stability in the region. These conflicts include domestic violence, gender-based violence, marital issues, land disputes, discouraging idleness among women, training women in peace-building, promoting girl-child education, and fighting against child trafficking.

Women mediators are instrumental in preventing conflicts from escalating and, when necessary, referring cases to the authorities. They have also developed networks to support each other, staying connected through WhatsApp groups and regular meetings to monitor and sustain peace.

The women mediators expressed their pride in the progress they have made in just the past two years, with fewer conflicts in their communities due to their interventions. They have access to more resources and are collectively working toward a more just and peaceful future, where everyone can become a peace ambassador and mediator.

Ramatu Tijjani noted that they visited Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru due to his recognition as the United Nations World Winner of International Interfaith Week and Harmony 2022 by King Abdullah of Jordan.

In response, Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of the Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry in Southern Kaduna, expressed his honor at the visit by the mediators for peace. He highlighted the significant role women play in peacebuilding and called for continued support and encouragement for their endeavors. He thanked them for their visit and urged all peace-building networks to collaborate with them.

Pastor dr yohanna buru end by saying ,Women Mediators Pave the Path to Peace in Northern Nigeria Amidst Challenge,while adding that Women Mediators in Northern Nigeria Bridge Divides, Forge Peace in Troubled Times

He promised to support them toward promoting peace and harmony in northern nigeria


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