Why We Brought The AAC Party For The People Of Adamawa — Organizing Secretary

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By Shafi’u Saleh

The introduction of the African Action Congress (AAC) party in Adamawa state is said to be done to help the state’s people, who will not regret their election in 2027.

The party’s state organizing Secretary Aliyu Umar Doubli, disclosed this to the press in Yola, and said that looking at the situation of pressure and challenges that Nigerians are facing, the AAC party will bring the country out of its misery.

He continued that “Nigerians need a party of good people, a party with goals, goals that will save the students of this country from the misery and poverty they are in.

“Many parties are preparing to dissolve and join the AAC party. Do you think this party came out just like that? The AAC party came out to save the citizens and save the nation and take them out of the bar they were thrown.

“AAC was established for the people, so the community should come and speed up its participation, because it is a party of the people and the people are listened to and steps are taken that are suitable for the people to get relief and the way they complain.

“This new party that will separate you from the situation you are in, comes with good policies in every field, economy, health, education, agriculture and improving the lives of citizens,” said Doubli.

Speaking on the issue of the minimum wage, Aliyu Umar Doubli, said “the workers has become a pity, he has become a disgrace, the government has not taken him at all, subsidy has been removed, school fees have been increased, the cost of living, you Tell me, what does the poor get from the government?

“This is why we are trying to show the poor, we must follow all the necessary means so that the poor can have flexibility and ease of life. This situation has thrown the country into uncertainty, it is not known where Nigeria is going,” said Doubli.


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