Why Onion Prices Will Increase Before Year End — Kano Farmers

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Onion farmers in Kano State are sounding the alarm as they anticipate a significant spike in onion prices this year, attributing the increase to the exorbitant cost of fuel required for irrigation machinery.
Mustafa Adamu, the secretary of the Kano Onion Farmers Association, shared insights into the challenges faced by farmers.
The escalating onion prices add strain to households already grappling with economic challenges.
Contrary to expectations of a price reduction, Adamu emphasised that the high cost of fuel will likely maintain onion prices at an elevated level, with any decrease estimated to be no more than 2 per cent.
The reliance on fuel for irrigation machines, essential to onion cultivation, has become a financial burden for farmers, impacting the entire onion supply chain.
The unprecedented rise in fuel costs poses a unique challenge to onion farmers in the region, prompting concerns about the availability of onions in the market due to potential shortages.
The Kano Onion Farmers Association seeks collaborative efforts to navigate these unprecedented challenges and safeguard the interests of both farmers and consumers.



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