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BY-David Adenekan
To start with, how feasible is the apocatastases of our society in a wicked and corrupt human mind?
Also, who do we blame for the outright moral decadence and social degradation of our society?
Hmmmn! Professor Ola Rotimi of blessed memory, postulates that, “the gods are not to blame” but, who do we blame?
Firstly, who do we blame for leadership failure when everyone is for himself and the very few that dare to uphold the pillar of justice and equity may not escape the painful death of a martyr. The yet to be unraveled death of Dele Giwa and many others in the dark continent of Africa still remain a mystery.
Suffice it to say, the moment a leader sets his or her egocentric interest above a collective interest, it is already a failure at the onset and a disaster for the larger society. Is this dangerous scenario not playing out all over the continent of Africa?
Paradoxically, who do we blame for the many sins of men when the Holy Bible postulates that, “the heart of men are desperately wicked”? How do we fix the wickedness of the heart?
Can the Goddess of Purity fix this, when even the goddess of purity, “Ọ̀sun sẹ̀gẹ̀sẹ́gẹ́ ọlọ́mọ yọyọ” in Ọ̀sun Òsogbo sacred groove has been desecrated and contaminated by the wicked act of men because of their desperation to turn mercury and goldmine to money.
Today in Ọ̀sun Groove, who will restore the purity and dignity of the Goddess of Purity and who do we blame for this abomination, if not the kleptomania and egocentric behaviors of our leaders? Is it not some of our traditional rulers and political actors that are behind the wicked unrefined exploration and exploitation of goldmines at the upper land of Ọ̀sun river that dipped into the river and contaminated the whole bank?
A taboo of the highest order!!!
Hmmm, “ọ̀rọ̀ ṣe hùn, ọ̀rọ̀ pèsì jẹ.” A speechless thought indeed!
Moreover, who do we blame for the get rich quick attitude of our today’s youths? The eagerness and passion to learn the act of internet scam or fraud (yahoo +) by many of our restless youths are immeasurable.
Also, a seventeen years old boy cutting off the head of his girlfriend for ritual to make quick money is no longer an isolated case. It is now a common thing all over the dark continent of Africa.
Alas, who do we blame for many scavengers ravaging our land? Do we blame the gods or poor governance?
Is the continuous closure of our tertiary institutions for more than six months not a bandwagon effects for ritualism and internet scam, yahoo yahoo?
Furthermore, in a recent post by a revered historian and foremost agitator for Yoruba nation, Professor Banji Akintoye, he posited that, our land needs restitution and spiritual cleansing for the many sins of our forefathers.
He asserted that, we must revisit the desecration of our land as the bane for the many evils we are now witnessing in our today’s world. Are we now blaming the gods of our forefathers for the poverty, killings, ritualism, corruption, banditry, gangsterism, terrorism, armed robbery, prostitution and drug addiction in our society or, who do we blame?
Also, who do we blame for the hopelessness of our people when many have resigned to their fate and continue to reinforce failure in bad leadership?
Is this not a direct result of poverty of the mind, even in the life of many highly educated people?
A demonstration of this fact was my encounter with my second cousin in Nigeria ahead of the 2015 general elections. Gbeke, (not real names) is a Masters Degree holder and Senior Teacher in one of the secondary schools in Lagos.
Gbeke, why do you think ACN still deserve another four years in Lagos state after the ruling party has increased the school fee in Lagos state university to more than half a million naira? Don’t you think the goal and objective of the founding fathers will be defeated? Is the institution not created for many children of the poor families? What is the average salary of a senior civil servant in Lagos state and, how many civil servants in Lagos state can afford this exorbitant school fee, if he has two children of age in tertiary institution?
His response was shocking. Please hear him out; “it was true that the ACN government jerked up the school fee astronomically. That was three years ago. But, now that the election is around the corner the ruling party has reverted back to the old school fee. Adenekan, what is your qualm (problem)?”
Hmmm, poverty of the mind.
Are they not reinforcing failure?
“Wọ́n ti mú wọn lẹ́rú.” A subservient relationship.
What a moribund level of democracy!
Again, do we blame the gods for the poverty of the mind or who do we blame?
Is this not a case of outright wrong leaders running the affairs of men in the dark continent of Africa.
Also, we keep on reinforcing failure and want a different and better result.
Are we not fooling ourselves?
Will the continent of Africa not perpetually remain a dark continent if we do not reset and put the right minds in the affairs of men?
In the final analysis, blame no god but, “putting a square peg in a round hole.”
Time will tell.
David Adenekan, who is the editor of Shekinah International Magazine and a Media Consultant, writes from Chicago, Illinois.
Email: davidadenekan5@gmail.com


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