We Have Blueprint For Positive Development Of Fagge local Government–Aliyu Tijjani Inuwa Fagge

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The victory of the Governor of Kano State, Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf, has been revealed by saying that it was God who broke the plan of oppression that others had planned in order to use the power of the government to usurp power.

Hon.Aliyu Tijjani Inuwa, populary known as” Sanator”One of the NNPP members in Fagge local government, said this while talking to journalists.

He said but God in his power gave the Governor victory and confirmed the truth of what the people of Kano State voted for, this is a joy and happiness. This success he got in the Supreme Court will be based on the work he has provided for the development of Kano State which will affect the development of the North as a whole.

Hon.Aliyu Tijjani Inuwa called on the people of Kano State to continue praying as they have been praying in the past for Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf to win the court so continue to do so for God to continue to guide him to carry out his good policies so that the people of Kano would be happy with his administration.

He also praised the people of Fagge local government for the courage they have shown since the election campaign and sensitised people on the manifestos of NNPP and Abba Kabir and supported him until he won the election and his success in Apex court and wish him all the best to succeed his goals and there members of the state Assembly Hon. Tukur Muhammad and of the National Assembly barrister Muhammad Bello Shehu and Kano Central Senator Rufai Sani Hanga.

Hon.Aliyu Tijjani Inuwa Senator said that the called to him in Fagge to come forward to seek the leadership of the local government council chairman is as the result of people of the area have considered his courage even though there is no power in his hands, he insists on serving the development of the NNPP and the community by giving his time and use his personal income to see the success of Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf and all their candidates to reach success.

He shows that at first he had no intention of applying for the candidacy, but as a result of the calls of the community, he did not know what they saw, and he did not know the provision that God had made for him, that is why he answered the call and agreed to come out and seek the race for the chairman of Fagge local government .

Aliyu Tijjani Inuwa Senator said that now he has a Blueprint on how to solve the problems of the Fagge community, they have a plan on how to deal with problems for the development of Fagge and they hope that if God leads him to success, the Fagge community will be happy, he hope to get support from the Fagge community to achieve success.


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