Two People Killed In Guinea Anti-Government Protests

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Two people were killed in protests in Guinea on Monday (January 13). Authorities said they had launched an investigation into the death of one youth, Mamadou Sow, in the capital Conakry and the other was reported to have been in the opposition stronghold of Labè.

In Labè protesters ransacked a tribunal building and set it on fire whilst the opposition said police had destroyed their party headquarters.

In previous weekly protests that began in October last year tens of thousands of people marched to demand President Alpha Conde not seek a another mandate by changing the constitution.

On Monday the opposition told people to go on a general strike and protest within their neighbourhoods because authorities refused to allow them to take a different route for the march.

Riot police was deployed throughout the city to break up pockets of protesters who set up barricades all over the capital.

Conde has governed since 2010, and his second and final five-year term finishes next year.

The demonstrations against a possible constitutional change have resulted in at least 14 deaths across the country.

The opposition suspects 81-year-old Conde plans to use a new constitution as a reset button on the current two-term limit. A proposed draft for a new constitution, seen by Reuters, does not explicitly state whether Conde would be eligible for the 2020 election, but Conde has refused to rule out running.


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