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Before diving into the main explanation, I would briefly make an attempt to explain what the term mindset is all about. The ‘mindset’ as the name implies, has to do with your mind, and what you put into it, that is, your thoughts, emotions and your overall attitude as a whole.

Having a healthy mindset means your attitude has to be positive enough to not harm your own mind. It means you have no room to hold unto negative attitudes that could hurt you. As simple as it may sounds though, it consumes a whole lot of courage to achieve this type of mindset.

In my previous article on ‘The Better You’, I talked about some important tips on self-improvement which is much similar and connected to this however, in this new article, I wish to dig deeper to talk more about two vital issues that were left out in the previous article.

First of all, a healthy mindset begins with you, accepting everything about yourself. You have to accept the fact that you are an ‘individual’, an original version of yourself, not a copy of someone else. You have powers and potentials within you that only you can control.

Accept your unique body, your skin color, eye color, hair color, and confidently embrace your imperfections. If you can muster the courage to accept everything about yourself, then you have successfully cross the biggest hurdle stopping you from achieving a healthy mindset.

Another issue is learning how to simplify your problems and also, identifying and dealing with the ‘non-existent’ threats in your life. The way we see our problems matters a lot. If we perceive them as ‘problems’ even when they are not, then they become the real threats to our peace of mind. On the other hand, if we try to think of them as nothing but a small deviation from what we expect, then it becomes easier to deal with.

To clarify this point, I am not assuming that we don’t encounter problems which are big enough to cause worry, of course we know that every individual is faced with a different challenge and some experience worse problems than others so it’s a different and tough battle for everyone. However, on the average, I am suggesting that there are problems that only exists in our minds, and our strong sense of imaginations may be the culprit behind them.

Sometimes, we tend to imagine and predict something as a problem, probably because of our personal insecurities or a false rumor, and then we gradually expand it, turning it into a bigger threats to our peace of mind even though it might literally be a ‘non-existent’ threat in reality.

We all have to deal with insecurities at some point in our lives and yes, even that most confident person you admire, has hidden insecurities you don’t know about. It’s all part of being human but then, having too many of these insecurities and even allowing them to weigh you down or destroy your self-confidence is what we are trying to prevent.

Like I expressed in my previous article on “Understanding Your Emotions and Keeping Them in Check, we need to believe that we are the ones in control of our emotions, insecurities and everything else. If we can understand and believe this, then our emotions and insecurities will not rule over us to destroy our peace of mind. Our courage would be bigger than our fears and our confidence would continue to rise and shine over our insecurities.

Written By: Karima Shehu

Penned: 27/11/19

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