Tinubu, Abba Gida Gida And The Economic Revolution Of Kano, By Gidado Ibrahim

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Political power is not an end in itself but a means to an end, which is a better life for the people. On a scale, the people’s interests should take precedence over party loyalty because the people are both the means and end of power. The foregoing underscores the need for the Governor of Kano State, Abba kabiru Yusuf, popularly known as Abba Gida Gida, to listen to the voice of reason and national interest.

Some people are truly great manipulators. They can lie, cheat, treat you badly and somehow manage to make it all seem like it is all your failure. But Martin Luther King famously said, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” Indeed, it’s time to embrace consensus for the benefit of the people. With the litigation that trailed the March 18, 2023 Kano State governorship election laid to rest, confirming the victory of Abba GidaGida, it is time to prioritise the people of Kano through good governance and provision of dividends of democracy.

As Martin Luther King rightly pointed out, after the election, it’s time to build consensus. Needless to remind the governor that the political party on which he rode to power has no guarantee for the future because it is by far an infinitesimal, compared to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Since the governor’s victory at the Supreme Court, calls for him to join the ruling APC have been growing steadily, mostly emanating from prominent stakeholders, party men, and great leaders. The growing pressure on Governor Abba Kabiru to switch allegiances to APC is borne out of the need to mainstream the interest of Kano for the overall benefit of the State and national concerns.

Given the strategic significance of Kano, especially as a centre of commerce in northern Nigeria with a huge population, the state will be in a better bargaining position if led by the party at the federal level. By that, attracting federal interventions will just be like a walk in the park because the governor would be comfortably seated at the sharing table.


Those calling for Governor Gida Gida to jump ship have very cogent reasons, which to all intent and purpose, are genuine. The state cannot afford to be isolated. Moreso, that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has demonstrated that he is a leader of all who is ready to work with relevant stakeholders to the benefit of all Nigerians. Given Kano’s status as the second largest state with the most population, Gida Gida cannot afford to cut off the people from enjoying federal might presence, interventions and largesse.

What’s more, the APC has extended an olive branch to the Kano governor to move over. Conversely, the party that produced Governor Gida Gida, the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), is not sustainable, as it is not a viable opposition like the PDP. To make good the political capital at his disposal, the best option for Governor Gida Gida, a soft-speaking Engineer, is to listen to the voice of reason. Besides, there will be too many industrial revolutions coming from the Renewed Hope administration to Kano State .


After all, in politics, there’s no permanent friend but permanent interests. Besides, it is said that half burnt firewood is easily rekindled. What I am also reminding his Excellency, the governor, is that posterity will not forget him for good governance if he yields to become the bridge builder of reconciliation. I expect Governor Gida Gida to use his wisdom and diplomatic tongue to count his teeth. A bad mood is never an excuse to use cruel words. Moods pass, but cruel words wound the soul.

Permit me to use the example of the current Secretary to Government of the Federation, Senator George Akume, who served as governor of Benue State from 1999 to 2007 on the platform of PDP. He switched allegiance to the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) formed by Tinubu on which ticket he was elected Senator before he later joined the APC. Looking at this trajectory, nothing is fundamentally wrong with joining the ruling class. Even in the United States, the leading democracy in the world, politicians change allegiance when their party fails to meet their political yearnings and aspirations.

Gida Gida is an astute politician with loyalty – a servant leader who doesn’t need to be coached to know that Nigeria is at a very critical juncture in its history and requires the support of all. It is excellent for him to remember that it is not safe to be a loner. Hence, unyielding adherence to political parties against the overall interest is detrimental to healthy polity.

By working closely with the Tinubu administration, there are three things Gida Gida would be doing to his fatherland. They include:

Stability and Continuity: Unwavering support for the ruling party can provide the government with the stability it needs to implement long-term industrial development plans without fearing political dichotomy.

Efficiency and Focus: With less time spent on political infighting, leaders can concentrate on addressing critical economic developments and manufacturing challenges.

National Unity: Presenting a united front can foster a sense of national cohesion and purpose, potentially attracting foreign direct investment and cooperation of national interest.

Governor Gida Gida needs to also to be reminded that no political interest is cast in stone; it should give room for some flexibility. Suffice to remind the governor that joining the governing APC will enhance his access to federal interventions. As the second-most populous and revenue generating state, Kano people deserve its fair share of federal projects, funding and development initiatives. Being in good terms with the government at the centre grants preferential access to these resources. This will allow Gida Gida to accelerate economic revival and state development. Aligning with the Tinubu Renewed Hope Agenda could pave the way for projects like infrastructure upgrades, educational facilities and agricultural programmes, directly benefiting Kano’s citizens.

Political Stability and Influence:

Kano is a critical electoral battleground, and siding with the ruling party offers increased political stability for Gida Gida. He would gain access to a wider network of influential figures and the party’s machinery, which could be crucial in future elections. Membership in the APC would also potentially position him for more prominent national roles within the party and the government.

Kano’s political significance is undeniable. By being part of the ruling party, Gida Gida could leverage Kano’s mass popular voting power to negotiate for more political appointments and allocations for the state, further benefiting its development and people.

Some may fear that decamping from his party may likely lead to loss of NNPP identity and base, and that aligning with the APC might not guarantee smooth integration, leading to loss of opposition voice. Again, I say these fears are unwarranted because a small party like the NNPP with just one state in its kitty has no influence or voice to reckon with.

My relationship with His Excellency, Governor kabiru Yusuf Abba, started long time ago. We met through my elder brother, Murtala Ibrahim Zainawa, at the minister of Defence’s office. During the meeting, our discussions centred around National Unity and leadership qualities of our future leaders.

Considering his political goals and the long-term political future of the state, the governor should brighten his political future by joining the APC. With that, his 2027 reelection bid will just be a walkover. A thorough analysis of the political landscape, consultations with stakeholders and a clear explanation to the Kano populace would be crucial steps in navigating this critical decision. It is needless to remind Governor GidaGida that in Nigeria’s dynamic political landscape, party defections, especially among governors are not uncommon.

National Unity and Collaboration:

Besides, President Tinubu has emphasised inclusivity and collaboration with all stakeholders. Joining the APC will allow GidaGida to contribute directly to national development and policy issues, shaping national agenda from within the ruling party. This collaboration could lead to Kano’s concerns receiving greater attention at the national level.

In asking for the Governor of Kano State to decamp to APC, it is a combination of concern for his own political future and for the overall all interest of the people of Kano. If he refuses to yield to these clarion calls, he might be jeopardising his political career. The people of Kano will certainly revolt against him with their votes in 2027 because he denied the rare opportunity of sitting at the center table, leveraging on their huge political advantage (population) to draw development from the federal Governor Gida Gida is a nationalist and a man with proven integrity who recognizes the leadership of Renewed Hope, according to research. Joining the ruling party is not committing any new sin. As this piece has explained previously, even his political benefactor and other bigwigs have all toed this line before. Hence, nothing is new.


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