There Is Setback In Democracy When Compared With Struggle Of First Generation Of Nigerian Politicians — Senator Shehu Sani.

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

We are here to celebrate the legacy of Malam Aminu Kano 41 year after he left earth to discuss on contemporary national issue and relate it to the ideology and his politics.

Sanator Shehu Sani one of the discusant at 22 annual symposium to mark 44th memorial anversary of Malam Aminu Kano lecture organised by Malam Aminu Kano center for democratic research Bayero university at mumbayya hause on Wednesday while Speaking with journalist.

The topic of this year’s lecture is “Democracy or courtocracy the travaiIs of Nigeria’s electoral process in the fourth republic present by guest speaker at the accasion.Proffesor william A Fawoke.
Sanator Shehu Sani said anyone is going to assess and apraise the present democratic order in Nigeria you will see a serious dropback when compared it to history of the struggle of the first generation of Nigerian politicians.

Adding that the politicians of the first republic were driving by patriotism by principle and by conviction and by the spirit of the struggle to freed there country from colonial bondage and free their people’s from hardship, suffering and from socio economic bondage and slavery.

He further said that they were nationalist who planted the seed for Nigeria unity and prosperity and they see them selves as servants and representative of the people’s not as masters of the people’s.

Sanator Shehu Sani explained that the principles that Malam Aminu Kano left behind has now seriously died and faded in our hearts,minds and in our politics.Peoples are in politics today because for the sake of been in power,for previledges and wealth that it’s associated with power and to serve them selves.Families, ethnic groups and religious group and sectional interest.

Shehu Sani said we can’t unite a country when politics is simply about interest and are not about service to the poors service to underprivileged, service to oppressed and service to your country, when politics is about interest that forms for the destruction society moraly and destruction of the country policaly and destruction of people socially.

Sanator Sani said the election was conducted in the country in 2023 and winner emarge and also who distuted the results when to court and the the supreme Court of Nigeria made the pronouncement this is not the time to fight the Goverment but demand that the government lead up to its policies and it’s plages.
He said leaders that are elected into public offices weather as executives or legislature or law makers they have to leave up to promises they have made to our country.

Sanator Shehu Sani said we from Northern part of Nigeria we are Nigerians we are been facing serious problem there is need for Goverment intervention in agriculture, miming, education and security which is more important our peoples are been killed, kidnapped every day, there is need for Goverment to do everything possible, but we can say we appreciate this current Goverment because it has been doing better than that the one of Muhammad Buhari.

While Speaking to journalists about the accasion the Director of Malam.Aminu Kano centre for democratic research Professor Habu Muhammad Fagge said the symposium was atteand by many indiduals personalities from across the country.and the major thing achieved at the symposium is enlighten people’s that democracy cannot do with out trust and honest.

The Director shows that People’s like late Aminu Kano during their life time they try to show Nigerians how to be honest,any Leadership that lack honest cannot move well.Its good to emulate from the ways our past leaders such as Malam Aminu Kano, Sardauna, Namadi Azikwe and many other did in leading the people’s by standing on trust and honest an patriotism.

Sanator Shehu Sani.


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