South Korea: Economically Inactive Population Rises to 16.33m in 2019 – Data

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South Korea’s economically inactive population rose for the past year amid the fast-rising number of the so-called “take-a-rest’’ group, who are available for work but have no intention to get a job, statistical office data showed on Tuesday.
The number of economically inactive population was 16,330,000 as of August, up 1.0 per cent or 158,000, from the same month of 2018, according to Statistics Korea.
The economically inactive population refers to those aged 15 or higher, who are neither employed nor unemployed.
Among the total, 5,735,000 refrained from landing a job for housework, followed by 3,708,000 for attending school and 2,220,000 for old age, respectively.
The so-called “take-a-rest” group, which replied that they took a rest during a job survey period, reached a record high of 2,173,000 in August, up 349,000 from a year earlier.
It was the highest since the statistical office began compiling the data in 2003, marking the fastest growth in more than eight and a half years.
The group is seen as an important figure because it can include those who are unemployed and too discouraged to search for work for an extended period of time.
The take-a-rest group in their 60s or higher accounted for 39.2 per cent of the total, followed by those in their 50s with 20.9 per cent, in their 20s with 16.1 per cent and in their 30s with 11.4 per cent each.
The current population of the country is 51,239,967 as of Oct. 31, 2019, based on Worldometers elaboration of the latest UN data. (Xinhua/NAN)


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