Society For Economic Empowerment Held First International Day Of Family In Nigeria

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

Society for economic empowerment and entrepreneurship development in consultative status with United Nations economic and social council organised first International Day of Families held in the Nation and 30 years anversary of the creation of the event globally which was hold on Wednesday at American space in Murtala Muhammad Library.

The accasion was participated by civil societies organizations, Goverment officials, students and individuals personalities were by many issues was discussed about the challenges sarrouding families and ways of resolution.

Patrick Anocha the president of  Society for economic empowerment and entrepreneur ship development while Speaking with press during the event said the international family day is designed by United Nation were by family are brought together and discuss issues and challenges, it was celebrating all over the world on 15 of May every year.

He explained that in Nijeria international family day is brought together is an event decide to bring together every family such as individuals, single rooms family, there is family that are polygamous and are brought together.

Adding that in those families there are challenges facing them includes poverty,hunger because in Nigeria most family are living below the poverty line.United Nation poverty is rank as any person live under less than one dollar everyday is in poverty.

He said that in Nigeria with the divaluation of Naira you will find out there are many families that are not even getting one dollar per day if consider with exchange rate we have.while civil servants are poorly paid.

Further more he said that internationai day of family brought together an issues that are facing families to discuss and put workable solution to Goverments and organisation so they can help to alleviate the suffering and challenges facing families.

The president of the society for economic and entrepreneur Mr.Patric Onocha said there is alot of projects and programmes that united Nation has developed and provided to states to it will improve the life of humanity but the most of this things has been ignored by many states actors.

He added that for them as a civil society organization holding the consultation status of United Nation most of this things that have neglected especially issues relating to families and this is the first time of celebrating the international day for family in Nigeria and in Kano which is the starting point of it in this year.But the international day for family is started for the past 30 globally.

Mr.Onocha said it’s for them as civil society to bring the celebration and to create awareness so that they can understand the impact of family in contributing to the socio economic development of the state and also toward achieving 2030 united Nation agenda.



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