Shettima To Nigerians in China: There’s Light At End Of Tunnel

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Nigeria will overcome its present challenges, Vice President Kashim Shettima said yesterday in faraway Beijing, China.
It was during an interactive session with the Ambassador and Staff of the Nigerian Embassy in the Asian country, where he is representing President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the Third Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
Shettima noted that the president in the saddle has outstanding leadership qualities and the wherewithal to lift Nigeria to loftier heights.
The vice president said: “The road that led us to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not happen by chance. This is a man who has shown a precious penchant for aligning himself with the aspirations of the people of Nigeria against all odds.
“He has never been identified with any ethno-religious solidarity but yet known for outstanding leadership qualities and I am telling with all sense of honesty, I have seen the soul of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and he has a clean heart, he means well for the nation and he is willing to work for the nation. All we need to do is to support the president.”
Shettima assured Nigerians resident in China that current challenges confronting their fatherland would be surmounted.
“The country is going through some rough paths economically but the giant of Africa, I can assure you, like the bird gimmicks, will rise from the ashes to greatness. Nigeria shall rise again”, he told his audience.
He urged the ambassador and Staff of Nigeria’s embassy in China to sustain unity among them as he urged them to continue to serve as economic ambassadors of Nigeria in China.
“The visit of the vice president would serve as a giant stride for further cooperation and synergy between Nigeria and China. It will provide an opportunity to explore avenues for collaboration that align with our national development priorities such as industrialization, technology transfer, skill development and digital sustainable growth,” he said.
The ambassador said Nigeria and China have a currency swap agreement worth $2.5 billion to boost their commercial ties as well as reduce the use of dollars in their bilateral trade “thereby, improving the speed, convenience and volume of transaction between the two countries.
“It will also assist both countries in their foreign reserve management, enhance financial stability and promote broader economic cooperation between the two countries,” the ambassador added.
The vice president also interacted with Nigerian students in China, where he encouraged them to continue working hard, adding that President Bola Tinubu means well for the youth and will not relent in enhancing their wellbeing.


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