Shekarau Urges FG To Embrace Digital Health Technology

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Former governor of Kano state, Ibrahim Shekarau; President, Africa Islamic Economic Foundation, Baba Muhammad; and others at the international summit on financing primary healthcare infrastructure in Abuja.
Shekarau made the call at the international summit on financing primary healthcare infrastructure in Nigeria, organised by the Islamic Economic Foundation and sponsored by the Development Research and Project Centre in Abuja, on Thursday.
The former governor noted that by leveraging the potential of technology, the government can overcome the challenges faced by the healthcare system and bring vital healthcare services closer to Nigerians.
He said, “Today, we embark on a journey to reshape the future of healthcare in our nation by harnessing the power of Islamic finance and integrating the transformative role of digital health technology.
“Let us leverage the principles of Islamic finance to create financing models that support the adoption, implementation, and scaling up of digital health solutions across Nigeria.”
The President of the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation, Baba Muhammad, urged Nigeria to tap into finances aimed at revolutionising healthcare accessibility and sustainability on the continent.
Muhammad lamented that Africa, with its diverse cultures and geographical disparities, possessed unique challenges and opportunities relating to healthcare.
He noted that accessibility to quality primary healthcare remained a significant hurdle, especially in remote areas, hence the need for digital technology and Islamic finance to revolutionise healthcare infrastructure development.
“Digital technology has the power to bring healthcare services to the fingertips of those who need it most. Through telemedicine and mobile health applications, individuals in remote locations can have access to medical consultations, diagnosis, and even treatment options.
“Islamic finance principles emphasise ethical and socially responsible investment. It promotes fairness, inclusivity, and prioritises the well-being of individuals and communities.
“By leveraging these principles, we can channel investments into sustainable primary healthcare infrastructure projects in Africa, ensuring that the benefits reach every corner of the continent,” he explained.
While supporting the need for Nigeria to review its dependence on budget as the only source of healthcare financing, the Project Director, DRPC, Stanley Ukpai, called on stakeholders at the summit to find alternative funding sources to diversify its domestic funding sources to finance health.
“This summit is an innovative alternative to provide Nigeria with the link between new sources of funds and digital healthcare opportunities that can transform Nigeria’s healthcare delivery, especially as Nigeria will witness the highest budgetary allocation to health of 8 per cent in 2024.
“This is a great opportunity for all hands to be on deck to ensure adequate funding of the sector,” he added.


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