Sharia Council Regrets Backing Muslim-Muslim Ticket, Chides Tinubu’s Gov’t

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The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN) has withdrawn support for President Bola Tinubu’s government.
It also expressed regret for voting for the Muslim-Muslim ticket, claiming that President Tinubu had pushed the country’s Muslims to the background.
The council announced this on Tuesday in Abuja during a two-day congress to discuss the aftermath of the 2023 presidential election.
The council’s Secretary-General, Nafiu Baba Ahmed, told reporters that the conference was called to allow intellectuals and representatives from other sects to express their concerns about the 2023 presidential election.
Ahmed said, “We were in the vanguard of mobilising scholars, various sects and Islamic groups to bring this government to power. But the scholars and various groups feel neglected, accusing the government of turning its back on Muslims, despite voting in the Muslim-Muslim ticket.”
He added that the gathering provided an avenue for Muslims to freely express themselves, after realizing that the Tinubu administration had reneged on all the promises made to secure the majority of the Muslim votes.
“We’re bitterly disappointed because we gave our all to bring this government on board, but they’re paying us back this way. Is this the kind of reward we bargained for?
“They have elevated opponents of the Muslim-Muslim ticket to mock us, in the same manner, they’re frustrating everything that will advance the cause of Islam or anything that is promoting the interest of Muslims.
“We’ve truly regretted that we voted in this government. We’ve looked the president in his face and told him that he has disappointed us, Muslims,” he added.
Investigate Extra-Judicial Killing Of 11 Fulani In Kaduna: MURIC Urges Reps C’ttee On Army
The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has urged the House of Representatives Committee on Army to investigate the recent alleged killing of 11 Fulani men in Kaduna State after they were arrested by soldiers.
The Fulani of Tulde Fulbe, Ladduga Grazing Reserve in Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State are accusing the Nigerian Army of killing 11 of their men after arresting them.
MURIC Executive Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, who made the call on Wednesday in a statement, demanded full investigation into the alleged extra-judicial killing.
“The fact that their bodies were identified by relatives and community members as those of the Fulani allegedly arrested by soldiers in the area at different times lends credence to the allegation. This is more


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