Salmanu Me Nasiha Expresses His Opinion On Supreme Court Judgement On 2023 Election 

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

It has been revealed that the challenge of the former vice president and presidential candidate of PDP in the 2023 election against the election victory of Bola Tinubu and the quality of his documents in the courts it is efforts to ensure justice and efficiency in the election and leadership in the country.

A members of the PDP in Kano. Alhaji Salmanu Mai Nasiha explained this while speaking to journalists after the final judgement of supreme Court between Atiku and presidenc Tinubu. Adding that most of the citizens did not believe that they will get what they deserve in the case, but what Atiku did in challenging the president in court It has shown that this country is not moving in the right direction in the democratic system.

He said that if someone who does not have the proper documents can come and lead the country, then everything that is seen is not appropriate, then do not be surprised because there is no place Justice.

He therefore explained that if the people’s in the Nation sees something that is not right, they will not be surprised because even the past eight years that the APC has been in power in the country no single important thing has been done to eased the difficult situation of life the masses are encountering, rather than putting them in more hardship even now all the steps taken by current APC administration put more trouble on masses.

Alhaji Salmanu Me Nasiha who is also strong supporter of Zamfara state Governor Alhaji Ahmad Lawan Dare has commended the performance of the newly elected Governor of Zamfara State he said since his inception for over 130 days, there has been a change of progress that has never happened since the beginning of the Democratic Government in the state.Now the Zamfara government is out of the hands of the capitalists.

Me Nasiha lament that it is unfortunately for the APC Government in Nigeria that appoint the former Governor of Zamfara who failed to provide aduquet security to his and now state was given the minister of defense.

He said that now in the area of security, the Northern part of the country has been told to go and die because it will be said that the people of the North are leading the security in the country.

Alhaji Salmanu Mai Nasiha said now Governor Ahmad Dare come and he is always taking measures to ensure that the security is improving and the projects are being conducted for the development of the people of Zamfara state.



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