Resident Doctors Of Dala Orthopaedic Hospital Held OGM, Launch Appeal Fund For Guest House Project

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The Association of Resident Doctors National Orthopedic hospital Dala Kano held an Ordinary Annual General Meeting and appeal fund for ARD guest house project in the hospital.

The President of ARD of the hospital Dr. Bolaji Ahmed Ibrahim said as part of OGM 2023 National Orthopedic Dala with great sense of responsibility this time when massive brain drain, orchestrated by a myriad of factors, including the poor economic outlook, policy onslaught on the populace in removal of subsidy on petrol.

Adding that devaluation of Naira, high inflation rate and high cost of living it has become pertinent for them to look at the enormous psycho social burden of the problems and begin to strengthen the individual capacity to be financially self-reliant in an attempt to redress brain drain to brain gain.

He said the speakers for the programme are well equipped with the requisite information and do justice to the topic discussed.

He said for years doctors are taken out of this country due to a lot of problems which include economic hardship that affected standard of living is not only for doctors is for general public.

He said they are seeing doctors living the country in groups its now for us to begin to look inward to address the massive brain drain that is why they put together the symposium.

He said they gathering will create avenue for doctors that are available not to go by creating a way to them to be financially stable, safe reliant and financially satisfied is the main essence of the meeting.

He said the guest speakers brought and talks address participants well on how can be financially stable outside there usual practice and they will thinks of staying in this country other than living because those are living are living primarily due to financial hardship.

He said the residents doctors suppose to stayed within the hospitals now because the growing number of them the facilities are not enough for that and they are expanding residency training to some other hospitals that are not accredited to do some other programmes they affiliated with some other training centres,but if some will leave his primary home to come to Kano for months or years programme he need to also get another accommodation in Kano.

Dr.Bolaji Ahmed Ibrahim said  that why they are looking in ward to see if they can   embark on the guest house  project to meet the need of their members and a way to generate money for the association.

The Residents doctors of the Dala Orthopaedic   present award to  some selected individual persons due to their contribution to the development of health sectors.

During the meeting the appeal fund  fund was raised  for ARD Guest house  project . the guest speaker  during the Meeting are Dr.Musa Usman Umar and Mr.Ibrahim Iliyasu Danbatta Dr.Kabir .Among those bless the occasion include Dr.Kabir  Abubakar former CMD of the Hospital and many other stakeholders within and outside the hospital.



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