Reps To Investigate Domestic Gas Explosions

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House of Representatives has agreed to investigate incessant occurrence of domestic gas explosion in the country with a view to determining the immediate and remote causes of such recent incidents and
identifying potential safety hazards in the gas industry.
This followed the adoption of a motion moved by Hon. Abdulhakeem Kamilu Ado and Hon. Umar Muktar Zakari both from Kano State at plenary, yesterday.
Moving the motion, Ado said the frequent domestic gas explosions have caused immense pain, suffering, and loss of lives and destruction of most communities.
He noted that the recent surge in domestic gas explosions has left a trail of devastation across the
nation, with over 50 reported incidents in 2022 alone, resulting in avoidable deaths of innocent citizens, several injuries and the destruction of properties worth millions of Naira.
“Aware that the pain inflicted by domestic gas explosions is not limited to the physical injuries sustained by the victims, as the psychological trauma is immense, leaving survivors in fear, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorders and leading to a high rate of suicidality.
“Cognisant of the roles of regulatory agencies like the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC), the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), etc and their inability to checkmate this trend, as well as the proliferation of G2S retail outlets situated even in residential areas across the country.
“Also cognisant of the urgent need to address domestic gas explosions and unsafe trinities through a multi-pronged implementation strategy including public education, stricter safety regulations and effective enforcement mechanisms,” Ado stated.
On adoption of the motion, the House mandated relevant committees to review existing safety regulations and make recommendations for their strengthening and monitor the implementation of safety regulations by the NUPRC as well as other related organisations.




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