Reduce Cost Of Governance By 50%, Group Tells Tinubu

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A human rights group, Yoruba Emancipation Union Worldwide (YEUW) has charged President Bola Tinubu to reduce cost of governance by 50 percent to guarantee his renewed hope agenda.
The group in an open letter signed in Osogbo, Osun State by its director-general, Prof. E.F.G Ajayi and secretary, Pastor Joel Agbebi, noted that the political structure of Nigeria is anachronistic to good government adding that the size of government, the bureaucracy and all their features, cannot guarantee smooth, swift and effective running of good government.
They insisted that there is the need for radical restructuring of all the paraphernalia of offices to make them responsive to modern systems of government saying that situation where there are more than three ministries or parastatals carrying out similar duties, is cumbersome, wasteful, generates delays and bottlenecks for speedy implementations of very important policies of government.
“The national bicameral legislative arm of government certainly need special attention, the costs of running NASS should be drastically streamlined, the majority of discerning minds in Nigeria, holds the view that the jumbo pay received by members of the National Assembly, is humongous and a colossal waste of national resources.
“Another area of monstrous waste of public funds is the security vote paid to the governors; the huge fund goes into the private pockets, otherwise, why is it that there is so much insecurity in the land? We hereby recommend that the security vote should be scrapped completely,’’ the group said.
They contended that the plea of the presidency that Nigerians should bear the current economic hardship, has fallen on deaf ears and does not make any iota sense to an average Nigerian, because political office holders are grossly overpaid for the services they render.
The group observed that the display of opulence and ostentatious lifestyles by political office holders is making mockery of the plea by the presidency to Nigerians to continue to endure hardship.



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