Reality Star, Ese Warns Against Social Media Fake Perception

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Former Big Brother Naija “fake” housemate, Eriata Ese, has warned against fake perception on social media, saying that it could lead to lack of peace of mind and unnecessary pressure.

She said this via a post she shared on her Instagram handle eriata_ ese, saying that people do this deliberately to appear larger than life and also gain the respect of others.

She explained that quite a number of people keep up appearances on social media trying to compete with others while being broke in reality.

According to her, it makes no sense to be broke in reality and rich on social media.

The bubbly 25 year-old Instagram comedienne and who has 549,000 followers on Instagram , explained the reasons for maintaining a low profile on social media lately.

“A lot of people have been asking why I don’t post often on Instagram; the reason is because I live more of my life in reality than on social media.

“A   lot of people will deny this but I think a large number of people compete with themselves and in the process they find themselves living a life that isn’t theirs for people who don’t really care,” she said.

She advised that people should live for themselves and more in reality than social media as this would give them peace of mind and zero pressure.

“Try to live for yourself and make you a better person outside social media, it really doesn’t make sense knowing you are rich on social media and dead broke in reality, social media is fun but learn to live more in reality, you will have peace and zero pressure.

“Between I’m currently in a transition mood , I’ve been swimming in peace of mind, love, food and other nutritious stuff , I guess I over fed so I’m at the gym trying to shake some excess off my body.

Eriata, who is famous for being the fake housemate on the 2017 edition of BB Naija was sent to the house to cause commotion and spice up the house, which she did effortlessly with scenes like her fight with T -boss among others.

She even stylishly hinted Bisola about Thin Tall Tony’s marital status a few hours before her departure.

She released a single, ‘Super Love’ just before she went to the Big Brother Naija House.


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