Rarara’s Press Conference Raises Dust In Entertainment Industry

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Popular Hausa political singer, Dauda Abdullahi Kahutu, popularly known as Rarara, held a press conference in Kano recently which is said to have raised dust on social media and the entertainment space.
The singer had accused the immediate-past president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, of handing over a bad economy to President Bola Tinubu.
Rarara said, it baffled him why the Tinubu’s administration is yet to tell the public the truth on the alleged recklessness of the immediate administration led by Muhammadu Buhari and the kind of nation Buhari had handed over to him.
“The presidency did not say anything; likewise the NSA, the Defence Ministry, Minister of Agriculture, and the SGF. They all choose to remain quiet. I challenge them to tell people the truth. Buhari made sure he destroyed this country before leaving office,” He said.
The singer also revealed that he regretted supporting Buhari, he also threatened to fire back if it appears he has been used and dumped. “And it’s not that I have been used and dumped. But if they dare dump me, I will fire back.
The claims made by the singer had generated a lot of comments on the social media, however, many have faulted Rarara’s assertion calling his action as a mere betrayal and act of attention seeking stunt from President Tinubu’s administration.
However, former Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Digital Communication Mr Basheer Ahmed had replied to the singer saying the singer’s action was pure betrayal to what Buhari did to him and a clear sign of ignorance on the singer’s part.
The former aide took to his verified Facebook page to reply to Rarara on the allegations labeled against his boss. The former aide said he found irritating, the utterances of the singer adding, that it was apparent that the singer is being guided by illness or total ignorance as all the claims and allegations carries no element of good reasoning.
“I have watched the conference video and I had intended to reply Rarara word by word, but on second thought, I felt there is no need for that because of common reasoning and for the interest of dignity protection. Is there any sense in his assertion that the support he gave to former President Buhari suppers that of which Buhari has giving (sic) to himself? I wonder, there is no sense in this,” he said.
The former aide also stated that Rarara wasn’t bold enough to state that he was not assisted by Buhari.


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