Immediate Plea: Will APC Ever Get Around To Thanking Its MVPs For Party Prosperity?

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By Muhammad Bashir Ilyasu

In the dynamic landscape of Nigerian politics, where dedication and loyalty are often overshadowed by the pursuit of power, there emerges a figure whose unwavering commitment to the All Progressive Congress (APC) has become a beacon of inspiration.

So many individuals within the APC family, spanning across states in northern Nigeria and beyond, find themselves caught between two sides of the coin. This raises concerns about whether the ruling party in Nigeria truly possesses a mechanism for rewarding optimal loyalty and commitment. This article highlights some of these individuals, signaling to the ruling party that while the 2023 general elections may have been a year of battles and successes, the atmosphere in 2027 will be fraught with tension and power-plays.

Research conducted by the writer reveals that many dedicated sons and daughters of the APC, who contributed their best efforts, commitment, and support to the party’s success at all levels of the electoral process, have been overlooked for federal or state recognition. Consequently, they are being courted by strong opposition parties. In politics, one must heed the writing on the wall.

Kaduna, being the center of northern Nigeria, is a hub for national leaders. Many party stalwarts have faced animosity, leading some to defect to other parties. Notably, Mr. Wilson Iliya Yangye, a prominent figure in Jema’a local government council and a driving force behind the APC’s success, recently defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) after being left to his destiny.

Similarly, in Adamawa State, former Senator Binta Garba, known for her active role in the APC, was offered a substantial sum to defect but staunchly refused due to her commitment to the party. However, despite her loyalty, Garba found herself unsupported in the end.

From the axis of Jigawa State, and in the intricate dance of politics, loyalty is often the currency of power. For Faruk Adamu Aliyu, a stalwart of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Jigawa State, his unwavering commitment to the party has been both a badge of honor and a source of frustration.

Faruk Adamu Aliyu, a name once synonymous with the relentless pursuit of APC’s success in Jigawa and beyond, finds himself at a crossroads. Despite his tireless efforts and dedication to the party’s cause, he stands unrecognized and sidelined by the current administration. His aspirations, once buoyed by promises of recognition and reward, now lie in tatters, casting a shadow over the party’s integrity and commitment to its own.

As Faruk Adamu Aliyu’s story reverberates through the corridors of power, it serves as a sobering reminder of the delicate balance between loyalty and neglect in politics. His plight underscores a fundamental question: what happens when a political party fails to honor its promises and support its own?

The ramifications extend far beyond the personal disillusionment of one individual. They speak to the broader disillusionment of a constituency that feels overlooked and undervalued by those in power. In the absence of recognition and opportunity within the APC ranks, the allure of alternative political affiliations grows stronger.

Indeed, as whispers of opposition interest in Faruk Adamu Aliyu grow louder, the APC risks losing not only a dedicated member but also the trust and support of those who have long stood by its side. The warning signs are clear: neglect the sons and daughters of your party at your peril.

As Nigeria hurtles towards the 2027 general elections, the APC would do well to heed this cautionary tale. For every Faruk Adamu Aliyu left behind, there are countless others whose loyalty hangs in the balance. The future of the party depends not only on its ability to secure victory at the polls but also on its commitment to nurturing and empowering its grassroots supporters.

In the crucible of Nigerian politics, loyalty is a precious commodity, one that must be cherished and reciprocated if a party is to thrive. As the APC charts its course forward, it must remember the lesson of Faruk Adamu Aliyu: neglect your own at your own peril.

In Kano State, known as the political nucleus of northern Nigeria, Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura, also known as A. A. Zaura, epitomizes integrity, perseverance, and service to the party.

From the nascent stages of APC’s formation in Kano State, A. A. Zaura has been a towering figure, instrumental in nurturing the party to unprecedented heights. His unwavering support for the party’s leadership, tireless efforts in strengthening its structures, and pivotal role in securing victories during critical elections have earned him the respect and admiration of fellow party members and constituents alike.

In the tumultuous aftermath of the 2023 general elections, where the stakes were high and the challenges daunting, A. A. Zaura stood firm in his allegiance to APC, despite facing personal setbacks. His bid for a senatorial seat in Kano Central may not have materialized, but his resilience in the face of adversity serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the party’s ideals.

Despite his invaluable contributions to APC’s success, A. A. Zaura finds himself overlooked when it comes to federal appointments or positions of influence. This glaring omission raises pertinent questions about the party’s mechanisms for rewarding loyalty and dedication. As calls for his defection to opposing parties grow louder, A. A. Zaura remains steadfast in his allegiance to APC, demonstrating a rare brand of loyalty that transcends personal ambition.

It is imperative for the leadership of APC, particularly at the federal level, to recognize and appreciate the selfless sacrifices of individuals like A. A. Zaura. His continued support for the party, even in the face of adversity, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of valuing loyalty and commitment within the political sphere.

As Nigeria looks towards a future shaped by the leadership of individuals like Bola Ahmed Tinubu, it is incumbent upon the party’s stalwarts to heed the call for recognition and reward those who have stood by its side through thick and thin. A. A. Zaura’s story is not just one of personal resilience, but a reflection of the enduring spirit of dedication that defines APC’s journey towards a brighter tomorrow. It is time for his contributions to be acknowledged and celebrated, lest the party risk losing the very essence of its core values.

Investigations reveal that all political parties are vying for A. A. Zaura, particularly amid rumors of forming a mega party to challenge the ruling party in 2027. It is speculated that figures such as Atiku, Obi, and Elrufai are gearing up to enlist talented youth and influential politicians who feel neglected by the APC. Sources have disclosed numerous attempts to court Zaura, but his reluctance may stem from his close relationship with President Bola Tinubu.

However, in the system of politics, anything is possible, especially when an individual’s loyalty and efforts are disregarded, and they are excuded from the decision-making process.

A glimpse into the life of former Police Minister, Mallam Muhammad Maigari Dingyadi, reveals him as a beacon of unwavering loyalty amidst political challenges. As a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria’s ruling party, Dingyadi dedicated himself wholeheartedly to advancing its agenda. His commitment was boundless, evident in his investment of time, energy, and resources to support the party’s objectives.

Despite his steadfast loyalty and significant contributions, Dingyadi finds himself overlooked and marginalized by the current administration. The very party he fervently supported has failed to acknowledge his dedication, leaving him feeling neglected and sidelined.

In the midst of this political upheaval, Dingyadi faces relentless pressure from formidable opposition parties seeking to lure him away from the APC. Day in and day out, they visit him, attempting to sway his allegiance and enlist him in their cause. However, despite the allure of alternative options, Dingyadi remains resolute in his commitment to the APC, steadfastly refusing to yield to the enticements of the opposition.


Dingyadi’s narrative epitomizes resilience, integrity, and unwavering loyalty. Despite encountering neglect and abandonment, he remains faithful to the party he believes in, steadfastly upholding his principles even in adversity. As Nigeria’s political landscape undergoes transformation, Dingyadi’s unwavering commitment serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring strength of loyalty amidst turbulent times.


In subsequent segments of this article series, we will detail the experiences of other APC members who have been overlooked and disregarded despite their significant contributions to the party. They placed their trust in the leadership of the ruling party, hoping for recognition, but unfortunately, their hopes were dashed.



*Ilyaus is a freelance journalist and commentator. he writes in from Abuja and can be reached on:


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