Ramadan Bonus: Governor Lawal Pays Leave Grant To Zamfara Workers 

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Governor Dauda Lawal has approved the payment of a leave grant to the civil servants of Zamfara State as a Ramadan bonus.

On Wednesday, civil servants working for the state and local government in Zamfara began receiving their leave grant.

A statement issued in Gusau by the governor’s spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, disclosed that the worker’s leave grant is 10% of their annual salary.

According to him, the leave grant paid as a Ramadan Bonus is a welfare package given to all civil servants to mitigate the country’s current economic conditions.

The statement emphasized that Governor Lawal’s administration has been worker-friendly. “Upon assumption in office, Governor Lawal settled outstanding salaries owed by the previous government, paid the backlog of gratuities, and approved a 13th-month salary for the state’s workers.

“Due to the country’s current economic circumstances, Governor Lawal has decided to show gratitude for the hard work and commitment of the civil servants and political appointees. As a kind gesture, he has approved the payment of a leave grant to all workers.

“The governor has always been committed to civil servants’ welfare, ensuring they receive their salaries and bonuses on time. The payment of the leave grant is just another example of the governor’s concern for the well-being of the people of Zamfara State.

“The government has already disbursed payments for leave grants to state and local government workers and pensioners. Additionally, political appointees received a bonus to assist them during the holy month of Ramadan.”



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