Promoter urges Nigerian artistes on African culture

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A music promoter in Lagos, Paul Ashiru, popularly known as Paulash Panache, on Friday urges Nigerian artistes to promote the African culture with their music.

According to Paulash, promoting African culture with African sounds can take Nigerian music to global height as everyone wants a feel of the African vibes.

Paulash, who is on the nomination list of City People Music Awards for Music and Club Promoter of the Year, also advised artistes to pass meaningful messages that would impact positively on the people with their songs.

“For Nigerian songs to be globally accepted, Nigerian musicians have to be themselves. They should promote the African culture, sound, Afrobeat itself.

“They should not try to imitate international artistes because the international artistes also want to feel the African vibes.

“Nigerian musicians should build a content around the African culture, it will project us far.

“A lot of people want to know about Africa, so we should project the African history with our songs,” he told NAN.

“We should do something different. Look at Burna Boy and Wizkid. They are projecting African sounds to the world because they do their own thing and it is also evident in their fashion sense.

“As a musical promoter, what I actually look out for in a music before I promote it is the quality of sound production. It has to be well mixed and mastered, that matters a lot.

“Lyrical content is also important, it has to make sense to the audience. You can’t just sing bla bla music because you are passing a message to the audience.” (NAN)


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