“Prof. M. K.  Yakubu Has Reposition NILEST For Better Delivery”

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By Bello Hamza, Abuja

The Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology NILEST Zaria, established in 1964 have under present Director General Prof. M.K Yakubu being fully repositioned in line with President Muhammad Buhari’s policy of creating enabling environment for industrialization of the country and diversifying the country’s economy to give way for more active non-oil sectors of the economy, this declaration was made cross sections of staffs and students of the institute in chart with newsmen over the week end.

they added that since the appointment of Prof Mk Yakubu as the DG of the Institute the fortunes of the staff, student have drastically change for the better, he recalls that in June 26th 2009, Leather Research & Development programme and all the Extension centres were transferred from NARICT to the Institute.

And on 1st April 2011, the Institute was repositioned and renamed to Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology (NILEST), with the mandate to provide courses of instructions, Training and Research in the field of Leather and Leather Product Technology and conduct research and Development on Leather Technologies and Goods Production.

“Prof MK Yakubu have fully adhered to the vision and mission of the founding fathers of the institute which was to made that Institute the to be a centre of excellence in the production of scientists, scientific models and products, to become a research Institute of International standard in the provision of innovative research and development in the processing and conversion of hides and skins into Leather Products. To be a renowned centre of excellence in the field of tannery effluent monitoring and control. leather and leather products technologies.

To provide and sustain the development of Leather Industrial Clusters employment, export national productivity and technology transfer”.


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