Ogun Shuts Three Industries Over Pollution

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The Ogun State government has shut three companies over environmental pollution.
The companies are: Ruili Recycling Limited, Mowe; Robust International PTE Limited also in Mowe and Star Pipe Limited, Sagamu.
The Commissioner for Environment, Ola Oresanya, said Ruili Recycling, pet bottles recycling company, was found guilty of discharging its waste and storm water into their immediate environment especially on the premises of Christopher University.
According to him, the practice exposes the students to avoidable danger as well as its refusal to obtain a drainage approval to properly channel the unwanted water to appropriate places.
Aside from this, he said the company was also discovered to be burning all its solid waste within its premises contrary to the state’s Environmental Laws thereby exposing its workers and residents of its immediate communities to toxic and hazardous pollution.
For Robust International PTE, Oresanya said the company “illegally demolished a fence bounding them with the same Christopher University so as to reclaim some portion of land and subsequently divert all storm water to the premises of the institution as well as their failure to heed government’s directives for proper remediation.”
Oresanya said the state government “will not fold its hands and watch the two industries expose the students at the institution and residents of their immediate communities to suffer from their careless environmental infractions while they feel unconcerned.”
Oresanya said the third company, Star Pipe Limited, Sagamu, was shut after they refused entreaties to install effluent treatment plants into their facilities as they discharged raw and hydrolic acid into their immediate environment.
This, he said, had led to contamination of ground water of these communities, making it unsafe and unhygienic.
The commissioner added that “the three companies will remain shut until they correct all the lapses detected as the state government is not interested in closing them down but for them to operate according to the best global environmental standards which the state government has adopted.”


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