Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry Conquering The World — Minister

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The Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy, Mrs. Hannatu Musawa, has hailed the global recognition garnered by Nigeria’s entertainment industry, emphasizing its growing influence on the international stage.
During her address at the 4th National Theatre Festival of Unity held at the Marquee of the National Theatre complex in Lagos, Musawa, represented by Mrs. Mariam Ajaga, her Special Adviser on Visual Arts and Culture, highlighted the theme “Boundless Possibilities” for the 2023 edition. She lauded the creative sector’s limitless potential, breaking geographical barriers and seizing diverse opportunities globally.
“It is no surprise that the theme of this year’s edition is ‘Boundless Possibilities’, which stands for limitless potentials of the creative industry and our creativity that knows no bounds,” she said. “Our entertainment industry is no longer limited by borders, as Nigeria’s creativity is conquering the world and advancing the culture tapestry by unleashing boundless opportunities. Our nations’ artistic performances are now readily available for global audiences as our artists are now sealing deals with multinationals.”
Expressing pride in Nigeria’s creative prowess, Musawa credited the country’s rising status in the entertainment industry. She spotlighted Netflix’s investment of over US$23.5 million in Nigeria, notably in showcasing “Black Book,” a film from Nigerian shores that captivated a global audience with 70 million views.
Recognizing the achievements, Musawa urged the industry to focus on enhancing infrastructure and sustaining growth. She emphasized the government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment, fostering collaborations, creating jobs, nurturing talent, and promoting the nation’s unique identity under President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope agenda.
“We aim to drive off negativity with the music of our dreams, reshaping Nigeria’s narrative and shining a spotlight on Nigeria’s Boundless Possibilities,” she asserted.
Prof. Sunday Ododo, the host and General Manager of the National Theatre, reflected on the Festival’s resilience despite challenges. He emphasized the transformative and healing power of art, serving as a unifying force and offering solace amid adversity.
“Art transcends mere entertainment, becoming a therapeutic intervention, fostering unity, and inspiring in turbulent times,” remarked Prof. Ododo.
He underscored the National Theatre of Unity’s journey as a testament to resilience, creativity, and unity within the community, echoing the celebration of diversity, tradition, innovation, and the empowerment of women in the arts.
The event featured captivating stage performances by the National Troupe of Nigeria and choral renditions. Mrs. Hannatu Musawa was honoured for her outstanding contributions to the creative industry.




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