Nigeria @ 63: Insecurity, Tinubu And The Way Forward, By Gidado Ibrahim

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A lot has been said and written about insecurity, which has been a major challenge in Nigeria for more than a decade now. It has led to the loss of lives, the displacement of people, and the disruption of economic activity. It has also undermined the country’s democracy and development.

As the country marks its 63rd independence anniversary tomorrow, I dont intend to apportion blames or trace the causes of insecurity but to appraise the efforts President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is making to reduce the ugly development to the barest minimum, and if possible add my opinion on how best to optimise the government efforts.


President Tinubu has pledged to tackle insecurity as a priority. He has outlined a number of steps he plans to take, including, increasing the size and capacity of the security forces, improving intelligence gathering and sharing, investing in technology to support security operations, and addressing the root causes of insecurity such as poverty, unemployment and corruption.


It is important for Nigerians to support President Tinubu’s efforts in these areas. Politicians should avoid playing politics with insecurity, and should instead focus on working together to find solutions.


Here are some specific ways that Nigerians can support President Tinubu’s efforts to tackle insecurity. First, they should provide information to the security forces. If you see something suspicious, report it and cooperate with the security forces. When security forces are conducting operations, cooperate with them and follow their instructions; support community security initiatives.


There are many community security initiatives underway in Nigeria. Get involved in one of these initiatives in your community. Speak out against insecurity. Let elected officials know that you expect them to take action to tackle insecurity. By working together, Nigerians can help President Tinubu to tackle insecurity and make Nigeria a safer place for everyone.


In addition to the above, there are some other ways that Nigerians can support President Tinubu’s efforts to tackle insecurity. They have to be patient and understand that it will take time and effort to address the root causes of insecurity, and to build a more secure Nigeria.


It also calls for tolerance and unity of purpose. Insecurity is a common challenge that all Nigerians face. We must work together to overcome it, regardless of our ethnic, religious or political affiliations. Pray for peace and security. We should all pray for God to bless Nigeria with peace and security.


I believe that President Tinubu is committed to tackling insecurity. However, he cannot do it alone. He needs the support of all Nigerians. By working together, we can build a safer and more prosperous Nigeria for all.


President Tinubu should tackle insecurity in Nigeria by taking a comprehensive approach that addresses both the root causes and the immediate symptoms of the problem. He should increase the size and capacity of the security forces. Nigeria needs more police officers, soldiers, and other security personnel to effectively patrol its territory and respond to security threats.


Improve intelligence gathering and sharing. The Nigerian security forces need to be better at gathering and sharing intelligence with each other and with their international partners. This will help them to anticipate and preempt security threats.


Tinubu must invest in technology to support security operations. The Nigerian security forces need to be equipped with the latest technology, such as drones, night vision goggles and communication equipment. This will help them to operate more effectively and safely.


Addressing the root causes of insecurity is also sacrosanct. Insecurity in Nigeria is often driven by poverty, unemployment, and corruption. President Tinubu needs to implement policies to address these issues in order to create a more stable and prosperous society.


In addition to the above, President Tinubu should also engage in dialogue with stakeholders. He should engage in dialogue with all stakeholders, including community leaders, religious leaders, and civil society organizations to get their input on how to tackle insecurity. In this regard, there should be constitional amendment that assigns security roles to traditional rulers, who are not only the closest to the people but custodian of their cultures and traditions.


The president needs to promote good governance. He should promote good governance at all levels of government. This includes combating corruption, ensuring transparency and accountability, as well as upholding the rule of law. He should build trust between the security forces and the public. The Nigerian people need to have trust in their security forces. President Tinubu can build trust by ensuring that the security forces are accountable for their actions and by promoting respect for human rights.


Tackling insecurity in Nigeria will be a challenging task, but it is essential for the country’s development and prosperity. President Tinubu has a unique opportunity to make a difference. By taking the steps outlined above, he can help to create a safer and more secure Nigeria for all.


As an intelligence analyst, I am contributing my quota to tackling insecurity by reeling out this strategic advice. As it is, we can’t punish a five-month-old baby for the sin committed by its parents. Nigerians should take a queue from happenings in other part of the world. We should rise above ethnicity some political cabals are peddling to fuel insecurity.


For my brothers in organised labour, using indefinite strike as a way of pressing their demands is never a rational solution. Those of you who just came back from England, France or United States of America have seen what industrial action can cause. At one time or the other, it has crippled the economy of these countries and slowed the pace of development. In Nigeria where insecurity is a major challenge, labor unions should not allow themselves to be used by ‘ketekete’ politicians to destroy our hard earned democracy.

– Ibrahim is director, Communications and Strategic Planning of the Presidential Support Committee.


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