Nigeria @63: Hope Of Unity, Peace Bequeathed To Us – Reps

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Members of the House of Representatives have joined their constituents across the country to celebrate the 63rd Independence Anniversary of Nigeria.

The Green Chamber said the theme of this year’s anniversary, “Renewed Hope for Unity and Prosperity” presents Nigerians with another opportunity as a people to reflect on the hope of unity, peace, and shared prosperity bequeathed to them by the founders of the country.

The House in a statement by its spokesperson, Hon. Akin Rotimi, said the patriots of yesteryears shaped the path to the freedom the citizens hold dear as a people today.

“Many of them are no longer with us, while a few are now old and grey. But their sacrifices and the foundation they laid remain evergreen. We celebrate them and their legacy, and we pray that their labours will never be in vain.”

He called on Nigerians to set aside their differences and work together to achieve a country that works for all, where no one is left behind.

“Our diversity must be our greatest strength, and our youthful population, as well as the judicious utilisation of our vast human and natural resources, must power our reintroduction to the world as the true giant of Africa whose time for full expression has come,” he said.




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