Niger To Host Nigeria’s First Green Economy Summit

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The Niger State government says all arrangements have been concluded to host the first ever Nigeria Green Economy Summit with President Bola Tinubu expected to declare it open.
A statement by the chairman of the communication committee, Aliyu Umar, said the summit would feature the unveiling of the Niger State Green Economy Blueprint to guide development actions in the state.
He said the two-day summit is slated for Tuesday and Wednesday next week in Minna, the state capital, with the theme: Sustainable Future: Harnessing Green Assets Innovation for Niger State’s Development.
“The summit is expected to attract no fewer than 500 participants from a broad spectrum of backgrounds globally.
“It is strategically aligned with the United Nations International Day for Climate Action, and will be a forum where discussions and solutions will be proffered to issues of decarbonising energy systems, circular economy, waste management, green agriculture, food security, eco-tourism, and community development, among others” he said.
The statement added that the main objective of the Niger State Green Economy Summit is to serve as a platform to attract local and international investors interested in green assets trading, green technologies, renewable energy projects, and sustainable financing initiatives.
He also disclosed that the summit would emphasise on the role of local communities in sustainable development, thereby empowering communities with the necessary knowledge and resources to engage in eco-friendly practices and benefit from green initiatives.
Speakers at the summit include; Engr. Sufyan Danjuma Ibrahim, Development and Environmental Experts, Eser Tumen, Administrative, Finance, and Operation Departments, Tumen Holding,
Dr. Jahan Moghadam, President, WorldWide Energy (WWE), Dr. Nsikan-George, Dr. Abe Moghadam, Co-founder & Chairman, WorldWide Solutions.



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