Niger Begins Crack Down On Illegal Mining

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Following moves by Niger state Governor Mohammed Bago to exploit mineral deposits in the state, the ministry of mineral resources has begun crackdown on illegal mining in the state.
The commissioner for mineral resources, Alhaji Garba Sabo Yahaya, based on complaints from local communities on harmful effects of illegal mining on their health and livelihoods, visited some mining sites over the weekend.
At Mai Wayo Kateregi and Gadaeregi along Bida road in Gbako local government area, the commissioner inspected the sites and sought clarifications on activities around them.
He observed that some of the mining activities were causing environmental degradation and posing health risks to the communities.
Yahaya, who emphasised the importance of sustainable and responsible mining practices to protect both the environment and health of the people, harped on proper regulation of mining activities.
He said there should be proper regulation and monitoring of mining activities on how it is carried out to prevent further harm on the environment and health of the people.
While promising continuous monitoring of the mining sites to take necessary actions and enforce compliance with safety regulations, he said the ministry would be hard on illegal mining.
In response to the government directive, the project manager of Ries Templar Integrated Services, Mr Adeife Oluwatosin, agreed to suspend operations and cooperate with the authorities on regulation procedure for safety.


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